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  1. creaky

    Booby Traps In Michaux State Forest

    Haw haaw, made you look {nelson from simpsons voice}. I'm a 2-smoke rider just trolling ya'll. I can't beleive how out of control this got. Ban me, I deserve it. There are no traps. Did you ever play that game in elementary school where you whisper something to the person sitting behind you, and pass it along to the next person etc...then the teacher repeats what was said to the very last student? Tada..........creaky has left the building and into traffic and died.
  2. creaky

    booby traps in pa.

    SHEEDEVIL----Take your soapbox somewhere else. I started this thread to warn folks about a potential hazard. You say this thread is "strengthening the atv cause". How in the hell does this thread accomplish that?! This thread is nothing but an internet pissing contest---which you turned it to. Your federal credentials don't impress me. I work for DHS. I know how the system works, or better yet, does not work. My pop and uncle are county planners, my wife is a county water nazi. Another uncle works for the state tax office. My sister-in-law is retained as councel for another county. My dog licks his butt and so does my cat. What does this all mean? Be careful, there are people who will string cables across trails, and worse, people who will defend them.
  3. creaky

    booby traps in pa.

    SHEEDEVIL--Nobody here has advocated riding on or vandalizing other peoples private property---although you cleary stated you would like an invitation to do so. Your beef is with me choosing to ride on state land, and I understand that. Lets leave it at that. Your focus has wandered on to issues that nobody even mentioned. Discussing the removal of an obvious trap, designed to intentionally hurt someone, does not even come close to paralleling vandalism, breaking and entering etc... that you mentioned. Apples and oranges my friend. As for your desire to march to Harrisburg and get bikes further banned, THEY ALREADY ARE!! I hope you don't feel bad when a bunch of state employees laugh at you for printing off screen shots of an internet forum and use them for whatever agenda you have planned.
  4. creaky

    booby traps in pa.

    40oz---how about a job, hook-a-butha-up!! I'm in the biz to, but its mostly graphics transmission and hardware.
  5. creaky

    booby traps in pa.

    Wow, this is why I usually just lurk, too much drama. The original intention of this post was to warn people to keep an eye out for cables across trails regardless of their mode of transportation. I would hate to hear about anyone getting hurt. SHEEDEVIL, there were no attacks made by me, only threats "of wrath" from you and yours. Go back and read my posts.
  6. creaky

    booby traps in pa.

    Oh yeah, I forgot to address me being "the focus of their wrath". I could care less. I'm married---already the focus of someone elses wrath, get in line. I'm employed and have a boss---already the focus of someones wrath, get in line again. I could go on. Thinly veiled, passive aggressive internet threats are boring. I can see it now, just like smokey and the bandit or something, me and my bike against an unending horde of quads----focusing as much wrath on me as they can come up with.
  7. creaky

    booby traps in pa.

    Yes, bikes are not supposed to be 'offroad' in Michaux---BUT, the PA DCNR allows ATVs, horses, mountain bikes and they will issue permits to any logging company to go in and basically clear cut acre upon and acre, with little to no enforcement of restoration. I am fully prepared to accept my consequences should I be stopped. The ATVs need to circle their wagons and worry about their own. I've raced mtn bikes all thru michaux, helped with trail maintenance and have done my part to give back. I can say without a doubt that the ATVs you speak so fondly of have done more damage, created more 'illegal trails' and have generally uglied that place up more than all the other trail users combined. Until there is a ban on ALL off-road vehicles I will continue to ride.
  8. creaky

    booby traps in pa.

    I'd report it, but it wouldn't change a damn thing. They can't even keep people from dumping a truckload of appliances off the side of a road let alone keep someone from sneaking around setting cables. Its the trash that lives in the surrounding areas. I love PA, born and bred, but we have some of the fattest, laziest, ugliest, krackers to rival anything the other 49 states have to offer. If I see another obese woman with a quilted flannel shirt and grey sweats that are 3 sizes too small, in her slippers at a convenience store I'm gonna gouge my eyes out.
  9. creaky

    booby traps in pa.

    I was riding in the woods and started up a little trailhead that had a very small dead tree leaning at about a 45 deg. angle. Went to go thru the branches and I stopped dead. This little dead tree should have snapped in a million pieces, why am I not moving? There were two 3/8 in. cables strung across. One was at wheel heighth, the other chest high. Good thing I was going real slow or that would have f'd me up. Its a strange feeling knowing someone put that there to intentionally hurt somebody. This was about 50 feet off of a fire road where somebody could come flying off the road and hit that trailhead at a good rate of speed. Somebody should go back and cut it .
  10. creaky

    Head Light Guard

    Baja Designs has them. You have to sift thru their website, its kind of hard to find. Chris
  11. If you have a 426 stock can laying around and its in decent shape I'd like to buy it. I'm in PA. Thanks.
  12. creaky

    dual sport riders in s.central PA

    Hey, Michaux is my home turf. I've cut some of those trails and some of my friends are marshalls for that race. Just getting back on the bike regularly after a 2 year break (old nagging injury and babies). Good luck and watch for snakes and bees they're everywhere.
  13. creaky

    JD kit fine tunings

    Thanks for the replies. Time to experiment.
  14. TT's, Its been a while for me but I'm back riding again (old injury and kids). I put the JD kit in my 00 WR400 [stock pipe/header uncorked w/free mods]. I used the Red #3 and the 170 main. Its in the 80s and 90s and very humid here on the mason/dixon line. The bike definately has more in the top now, but the low to mid has suffered a little and I gained a slight bog when I whack the throttle about 1/4 position. Any thoughts? Thanks.