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  1. Happend on my 06....had to use pliers for mine....might as well order the alloy hot start housing from pro circuit too...that stock plastic one is junk
  2. You really dont want a handfull of front brake in the sand anyway....alot of front in the sand usually equals a washout.
  3. My mechanic always recommends Mobil 1 clean 5000....has the red cap. Seems to be working for me and its pretty cheap too!
  4. Also try www.robin1grafix.com there is a listing of all the tracks in the IL IN and KY area
  5. You may not even need a district card to ride motoland...If you do want to race at a track that requires the district card, forms to get the card will be available at the track.
  6. A buddy just got an 07 SXF a few months ago and he is selling due to riding the 07 RMZ. He hates the KTM now.
  7. I dont really know where you are in Indiana but check here for a list of tracks around the tri-state.... www.robin1grafix.com
  8. AIM - MotoxSxtn MSN - dirttrack25@hotmail.com
  9. Ive always and will always use disposables....I dont like the thought of having to clean my oil filter everytime I change the oil....Id rather pull one out and throw a clean one in.
  10. Yea I know I need to change it more, sometimes its just hard for me to get oil and filters since by the time I get off work the shop is closed. With the air filter I guess I have no excuse but it just doesnt look that bad after one race.
  11. Just letting you guys know about my 06 valves. This bike has been raced about every weekend of the 4 months Ive owned it. Oil changed twice and filter cleaned twice...Always used full synthetic oil. Im only a C class rider so Im not real hard on it, but anyways I checked the valves today...All checked out just right. I figured this was pretty good seeing as how the oil hadnt been changed much and the filter not cleaned much. How is everyone elses holding up?
  12. I heard some quad riders talking at the track the other day...They said they sometimes use tampons or pads. Must be a quad thing. Never tried it myself.
  13. I started racing in the 250 class with my 426...I couldnt do it, the bike was too big and wore me out way to fast. One thing to think about getting if you do end up racing 250 class is a chest protector, those 450s throw some wicked roost.
  14. No joke....I know I got ripped but I didnt really shop too much and I wasnt too much on waiting for other shops to get one in....It was the only one in the area at the time.
  15. 6500 for me...