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  1. California

    Dan, Would have preferred to have been riding with you folks, but ran our store yesterday so the wife could help her middle son celebrate his 30th birthday. I'd gladly join you and Lee on a ride anytime. Beep! Beep! Sorry for the threadjack.
  2. California

    RM Newbie, If that Humbug feller offers to lead you around, he probably will need to stop frequently to change his depends diapers. He is getting pretty old and has trouble with most of his bodily functions. Heck, his Mrs. probably has to help him up on his scoot so he can ride!:banana:
  3. Sorry it has taken me so long to respond with an answer to this thread. It did indeed turn out to be an electrical issue. I had installed a new trail tech vapor computer and when I followed the directions to install the rpm wire to the coil, I somehow caused the spark to respond in an intermittant way. When I removed the rpm wire, the bike fired right up and is running extremely well. There has been no issue with starting and it runs like it was brand new. I can live without the rpm reading for now; I'll worry about that later. Thanks to those that led me in the direction of an electrical issue!
  4. I know the fuel tank is okay; I have a side tank and the bike has run poorly when running off of it also. I will check the coil tomorrow; I believe that is most likely the culprit. Thanks for the input everyone!
  5. Yeah, I'm also wondering if it might have to do with the coil where I wrapped the tach wire on.
  6. I have read all the search results I could find and have not yet found my exact problem. Recently, the bike started backfiring and stalling, usually after about 15-20 minutes of riding. It idles fine at the truck or in the garage, but under a load the problem reappears. I've torn the carb down twice, rejetted to stock and checked and re-checked the valves. My computer water temp gauge indicates it is usually running at 180-200 degrees. The backfire is extremely loud, not just a little pop. It will re-fire for a few seconds then stall again. It also will act like it is not getting spark, but has spark when I check. The only thing I did before this started was to loosen the rectifier so that I could install a ground for my computer. Any suggestions??? Thanks, Mark
  7. California

    I think there should be another smilie like this one but have the hammer smashing the fingers and keyboard of the offending user. I doubt hitting some people on the head would really do any good.
  8. California

  9. California

    I have been promising the wife and grandson we'd go camping and they're holding me to it. Hooking up the trailer in the morning and heading out for a couple of days. I'd like to join you guys some other time though. I'm 15 minutes away from Carnegie and have lots of time on my hands right now. Hope you all have a great ride.
  10. California

    Leaving for Supercross shortly; not sure about getting a hall pass for tomorrow. If I can make it, where do you stage and at what time?
  11. California

    The sky is partly clear now, and no rain! BTW, I love your videos, gives me places to look for out there. Some really good stuff to ride!!
  12. California

    I'm about 10 miles from Carnegie. It's been raining steady here for the last hour and a half. Better hope it stops soon! I was out there for a couple of hours this afternoon, conditions were awesome.
  13. California

    D, I figured it out at about the third word; you got a style all yer own. And yes, still riding the POS. Slyko, sorry for the jack.
  14. California

    That's funny s@#$ there! May I clarify; Grandma is planning on joining us and that will allow me some solo time to check things out, okay bumhug??
  15. California

    Took my grandson out there today to ride his 50. The sun was shining, there was enough water to have the creek flowing (more like trickling), but the trails didn't look that bad. I'm going back out tomorrow to ride with him, so I'll post up what I see.