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  1. Weedo

    What is my '05 CRF450X worth??

    I'm not sure I want to do this but....... I've ridden it ONCE on the trails for about 3 hours, and 3 times up and down the block when I first bought it. We bought my wife a new bike also, a 2005 Polaris 250 Trailblazer which she's ridden ONCE as well. We've had them for about 4 months. We're debating selling them as we just don't have the time (or make the time) to ride them, especially based on the fact that we have a 2-year-old and she works many weekends (Realtor). Anyway, what is my bike "worth" roughly? I've added bars/seat/hand protectors... Thanks for any help on this!
  2. Weedo

    Anybody know when the 06 450X will be available?

    I paid $6200 out the door for my '05. You're looking at probably another $1300-$1500 for an '06. That's a lot of extra mod-toys!
  3. I went with the X. I'll probably never hit the track. And the e-start is a huge plus for me. Especially when I get scared going up a big hill...
  4. Weedo

    should i get the knew 2006 crf450r ????

    Yes, the '06 will be "worth more" later, just like a car. But you won't touch an '06 for $6200 OTD. Keep in mind I bought the more expensive "X". The "R" could be had for about $5800 OTD. You won't touch an '06 when they come out for less than $7000 OTD. Take the $1200 and buy all the goodies (I had to buy tall bars, clamps, and seat).
  5. Is it better to move them rearward when you're taller too?
  6. Weedo

    should i get the knew 2006 crf450r ????

    LOL! Anyway, I bought the '05 instead of waiting for the '06. $6200 OTD including tax, etc... My buddy with the 450F can't wait to ride it, he knows the CRF450 reputation...
  7. Weedo

    No SDG Tall or Ceet Tall seat for 450x???

    Ahhh, good news! Ok, I'll check out their site. I was going to call a shop that can redo the seats and have them put taller foam underneath the stock foam of the seat and rewrap it with the stock cover (if it would stretch, if not, they could add some material at the bottom). But if Guts is doing it with already built foam and cushion, that has to be a better way to go.
  8. Well, it's official, I called SDG and Ceet, no one makes a tall seat for the 450x. I'll have to resort to duct taping a pillow to my seat!
  9. I'm taller in the legs than the torso. My plans are to go with the taller seat and risers/bars. Is it necessary to change the bars? Are the tall-bars that much taller or is it ok just to go with taller clamps?
  10. Thanks for the link! I didn't see the section on how to get the bike set up though?.? Thumpdaddy650 - I'm surprised that at 210 the stock springs are correct? The manual stated its set up for 150-160 and would need to be changed for heavier riders, and we're much heavier than that! Probably good advice, I'll ride it and see what I think, although I won't know what I need, too much of a beginner!
  11. Weedo

    Bought the 450X - Thanks for the help!!

    Correct, there is NO warranty on these bikes. They extended my offer to take it to the end of today as the Finance guy was gone for the rest of the day. I need to read the fine print today but it should be worth it. They've used the same warranty company for 17 years which is a good thing. I wonder why your dealer wouldn't offer it, strange..
  12. Weedo

    Pictures of your bikes

    The "bike" I'm replacing is in the background. Just got CRF450x TODAY! Just bought THIS today!
  13. Weedo

    Bought the 450X - Thanks for the help!!

    Perfect! I'll make sure to check them all tomorrow then after the next few rides. Sure, I'd love to go out riding when you get here! You have to remember I'm new to bikes though, so you'll probably lose me out there, ha ha! Let me know when you get out here and we'll figure out a good time/place to go!
  14. What are you going to do to the CRF to get it to fit you then? Will this be the first bike you change the seat on?
  15. Yep, I'm SURE you're right about that!