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  1. J-S

    AIROH helmets - Who sells them?

    I think I have seen some on eBay
  2. J-S

    Finish selling me on the snowbike bug

    it should but not lots of snow over here and no mountain or I should say hills since I lived in BC for 6 years and since then I have a hard time calling anything smaller then the Rockies and Coastal mountains, a mountain lol
  3. J-S

    New Riding gear

    I just got a new kit from fly raing and it look pretty good I can't tel you about durability since I haven't tried it yet
  4. I discovered over the years that I am an adrenalin junky so it explain all my crazy sports I have done and why I keep doing them.My dad asked me last time that I was in hospital, for broken rib, fib and ankle, when I was going to stop and that eventually I wouldn't be able to walk anymore and my answer was straight and immediate....... never and the day I can't walk anymore well I will be able to say it was worth it. Like I have seen somewhere some people will arrive to the grave calmly in a well preserved body but looking back at their life and not see anything special, when I will get to the grave it will be skidding sideway saying what a ride!!! lets do it again.
  5. J-S

    RMZ's and shootouts

    Yeah you are not wrong in that but in reality at least 75% of the people buying bikes will never exploit any of the bikes on the markets to it's full potential even stock
  6. 10 years for me the dry spell will end as soon as the snow is gone
  7. Thats fine since it doesn't affect my OCD lol it seem to be more triggered by symmetry than anything else and few other bits and pieces
  8. Thanks now I'll have to inspect and do it all over again............ jk at this point I would deal with it but eventually it would drive me nuts lol
  9. Thanks it was my first seat cover too, I found it much easier than it looked
  10. J-S

    Yz125 and yz250f

    well depend what year 250F I mean it use to be similar power between the 2 but now we see 250 2t racing with 250F so I guess the power changed a lot
  11. J-S

    Week end project completed

    yep would like black wheels eventually
  12. Weather over here right now is more suited for a timbersled kit than anything else lol and as for the bike being in the living room well what can I say I am very lucky to have a wife that like pretty much everything I like so she wanted the bike there since I can't bring my Aprils in the house due to the stairs not being sportbike friendly