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  1. sj250

    Chad Reed

    I have way more respect for him after he rode the nationals. I don't care who was or wasn't there! And his Kawi contract is for outdoors as well. This sx only stuff is garbage!!
  2. My ankle! Does that count! Haha......9 breaks and 4 titanium screws, that was shitty!!
  3. sj250

    New Plastic

    I have never heard anything but great stuff about Polisport. I have friends who have bought multiple kits and always had great results.
  4. sj250

    guys show me your kawasakis

    I love your 250F dude, looks so clean and simple, awesome bike!!
  5. sj250

    Has anyone...

    Is there 2 screens on these bikes?? I know about the one on the left side and all you need is an 8mm socket to get it out and clean it but in the new Dirt Rider in the list of upgrades for the '09s they specifically said you no longer have to split the cases to clean the screen
  6. sj250

    1994 KX125 Rod Bearing Clearance

    Awesome! You rock, I didn't expect that good of an answer so soon!!
  7. Hey guys, a buddy of mine is rebuilding a 125 that he picked up but can't find his manual for it. Can anyone who has one kicking around tell me the rod bearing clearance for a '94 KX125. Thanks alot guys!!
  8. Ok, makes sense. The dr wants to go back in and remove some scar tissue. Your pretty much saying that there is no chance of that working, correct?? And the bones are not having any impact on the movement or are they adding to the stiffness caused by the scar tissue as well?? I apologize for all the questions but this is a very life changing injury in that she CAN'T ever return to her job in the current condition and is at a point in life where it is not easy to just up and change jobs.
  9. If you don't mind would be able to elaborate on why that is?? What is causing the lack of movement??
  10. Hey Doc, my mom has had a very rough time with a wrist injury and is getting very different answers from many different places. I was hoping with your knowledge and all the positive comments on here from your many patients you may be able to add your thoughts on this. This is the story.... The initial injury was a torn scapholunate ligament which happened May 24 '06. She was sent to a return to work program by WCB where it was re injured from overly aggressive exercise. Another MRI confirmed the tear was larger after this program. In January '07 arthosurgery was done after which the Dr. said the ligament was gone and she needed reconstructive surgery. March 19 '07 she had major surgery to reconstruct scapholunate ligament using FCR tendon by the Brunelli method. A pin was put in from the scaphoid to the lunate and another from the scaphoid to the capilate to reduce rotary subluxation. The pins and cast were removed 10 weeks later at which time the wrist would not move and fingers had very limited movement. After extensive physio and exercises the fingers have improved but not to the point of making even a loose fist. The wrist has very limited flexion and extension. The Dr. is saying scar tissue is preventing wrist from moving and is suggesting further surgery to remove scar tissue. She feels the bones are causing the lack of movement and not scar tissue. Her wrist is now very similar to that of a person having a fusion done. This has been agreed with by 2 other Drs and 2 physiotherapists. The concern is that the surgery he is suggesting to remove the scar tissue would cause further scar tissue. The doctor who performed the surgery has been very dismissive of the whole issue and basically wants to get rid of her as though he has made a mistake and just won't admit it. Every report he has filed with WCB has taken at least 4-6 weeks to be submitted. After being told that she was seeking a second and third opinion and that physio was the only thing helping he had a report filed in 3 days stating that physio would do no good and now WCB has cut her physio off. She wanted to avoid all physio and other options from the beginning and just let it heal but after the ligament was torn further from the initial physio she had to look at other options. The doctor told her his success rate on this surgery is extremely high and she should be back to work with no complications. Now that this has happened he is claiming that from the beginning he stated she would be extremely unhappy with the surgery (why would you go ahead with it if the doctor told you that??) He has also taken it upon himself to contact her work and inform them she will never be able to return due to the injury. Here are the x-rays in order of when they were done. I realize how difficult it is for you to diagnose anything this way and without an MRI you can't make any judgements on scar tissue but this is turning into desperation as we are trying to seek out any possbilities for a positive solution. She is 3-4 years away from retiring at work and would love to be able to go back and finish out that time so we are seeking any options at this point. I apologize for the novel but I am hoping that more detail will help you and thank you greatyly for any time and thought that you are able to put into this. We have even discussed making a trip to Arizona if something could be done.
  11. sj250

    End of the season

    They usually have an indoor track setup in Camrose for about 2 months. I can't remember who puts it on but I'll let you know if I remember. You should be able to search and find some info about it though!
  12. sj250

    which lid

    I absolutely love my Thor helmet. Super comfy, fit's great, great ventilation, and I wear Oakley crowbars and they fit fine in the helmet. The helmet is actually tapered in a bit around the eye port to allow the goggles to sit closer to your face. Oh, and I also had a huge crash a week ago and it held up great, super strong paint job on them!
  13. sj250

    The official KX450F picture/video thread!

    I'm 24 so who knows, I go in tomorrow for follow up xrays and a new cast so we'll see what he has to say.
  14. sj250

    another shootout from racerX

    I noticed that too in this one, everyone seemed to SAY it was the best but when it came time for the actual number rating they put it lower.
  15. sj250

    The official KX450F picture/video thread!

    Thanks, me too! I've been taking everything I can find to help it heal and doing everything I can (and by that I mean doing absolutely nothing at all) so it will not get shifted or anything and heal properly. Also, I'm almost scared to ask this, but how's he doing now?? Is he back riding again?? The one doctor said I would never ride again but he was one of those guys that hates dirt bikes and thinks we basically get what we deserve when we get hurt. The other guy said as long as it heals properly it should be alright.