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  1. upinsmoke

    230 engine wiring (need help)

    Could someone go out and look at there bike and tell me what color wires go to the ignition switch and the starter button? I know where the wires go on the clutch lever and the stop button.
  2. On the engine harness I have one set of wires going out Black and Yellow/Red strip (I think this is for the starter button) The other sets are Green, Black, Red and Black/White strip these four wires are bundled together. I am trying to get the engine running again.
  3. upinsmoke

    bike bogs...whats wrong?

    110 main 42 pilot (this one makes it start easier) 4th clip stock needle 2 turns out from full in on fuel screw I ride at 100 ft also You should have done some research first it has been cover about a million times. The needle is easy to get to just uncrew the cap, wait until you try a 230.
  4. upinsmoke

    did the power up but...

    you messed it up
  5. upinsmoke

    Crf 230f

    120 all the way
  6. upinsmoke

    what if i did this?

    Get a pair of small vice grips and lock it down tight around the screw head and turn it out with the pliers. You can use a easy out or sometimes called a screw extractor to get it out. Then order a new screw.
  7. upinsmoke

    what if i did this?

    where and what did you strip? Is it in metal, plastic? Just the head of the screw or the threads it screws into?
  8. Thats why I put this up so no one eles has to deal with what happened to me. They pulled them chained together onto a trailer. You know the key has wires running out the back side exposed, all you have to do is cut and twist together. It is not hidden like your car.
  9. upinsmoke

    wheelies on my 150

    higher and better throttle control. You need to find the balance point. You can go as long as you want once at bp because it doesn't take much throttle to keep you going. If you can see over the bike you are not high enough, you will have to look around the bike when you get close to the balance point. Cover that back brake it is the only thing that will bring you down.
  10. upinsmoke

    04' CRF 150 Throttle Bog

    It is not a air screw, turn out to richen and in to lean. If you are running the 110, 42, 4th clip then turn the fuel screw all the way in until it stops and then start counting the turns out. You want about 2 turns out. If you have the 115 maybe less. 2 strokes have a air screw and 4 strokes have a fuel screw, they work opposite. If this does not fix it I would check your carb again to make sure you did not get dirt in there and clog a jet, it happens. If that checks out then go up a little on the pilot jet but you should not have to because I live at 200ft and ride at 100ft above sea level and the 42 is fine.
  11. No they don't, most people assume they do but most do not. I flipped through my policy and it had section about not covering motor vehicles but I called anyway and they would not cover the bikes but they do cover the shed.
  12. I got the report back and they are done, to fix the 230 it is over the cost of a new one and the 150 is just under the cost of a new one. These are the only items not damaged the engine, swingarm and rear wheel. I have to get a new clutch cover for the 230's engine. I have never shipped big items like this so any info would be appreciated. I hope to get something out of them in court because even if I do sell these items it won't even come close to making up for loosing $6800 I would hate to resort to country justice:mad:
  13. Yes I am going to go to the trial(that way I can see what they look like). I am talking with a lawyer now and will hopefully recover some money. I don't now if the 150 is worth fixing but the 230 might not be that expensive. I should get the damage report back today to see if the frames are ok. I'm thinking part-out 150 save the 230. It's just seems to fix them it will be half the original cost and thats a lot to spend on a trail bike. I will have to read up on conversions now to get some ideas.
  14. upinsmoke

    Need Help With Carburator

    You might have to turn the fuel screw out more, to correct that. When mine was in one piece it gained so much from that jetting, it barely would wheelie in first before but after I could pull it up in 3rd without hesitation.