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  1. Looks awesome man! riding in the sand is the best, you can be so much more aggressive with the throttle when the conditions are good. Also, a sand track is almost never too wet to ride which is good for winter riding.
  2. Definitely hit the mx track vs offroad riding. That way you're never far from someone who can help you out in case of a snafu. Go all banzai in the woods and fall off a cliff or something, you are S.O.L if nobody sees you go down.
  3. Save the money you'd spend on "upgrades" for maintenance and ride the sum bitch like she owes you money. That's frantic clutch fanning/rev the piss out of it 24/7. You ride like that and pretty much anything is fast enough.
  4. MXA likes to complain a lot about bikes, because a lot of their testing staff is old guys who ride REALLLLY tricked out bikes when they aren't testing and writing about the "pedestrian" mostly stock bikes that the other 99% of us ride. They are the elitists of the motocross journalism world for sure. That said, they don't sugarcoat a bike's performance, or buy into OEM hype like TWMX does (as evidenced by the "Amazing" stock CRF suspesnion). And I too think that TWMX sounds like a bunch of idiots by constantly saying that the new stockers are better than their old modded bikes. I like Dirtbike the best for shootouts and tests, because they're straightforward like MXA, but they just list the good and bad points without getting into the elitist-whining rants like MXA can.
  5. Cleanest 426 I've seen in YEARS. That thing looks like rolled off a production line recently.
  6. It's formulated to run at 50:1, and it worked great for my 125sx, which according to the manual should have a mix ratio of 40:1-60:1. It was a gummy mess when I ran it in my CR250 at 32:1.
  7. Yamaha- Better handling/Supension KTM-Better motor and some higher quality parts
  8. I'm glad I rented Untamed and didn't waste my money buying it. What a POS. It's way easier to crash in Untamed than it was in Unleashed. That, plus it feels like you're racing with some squid on an xr650 who can't lean over in corners, he can only brake slide, and turn with the rear wheel. Motocross Madness 2 for PC is still the best MX game out there, and it's waaay old now.
  9. Yamaha's World Superbike team started using electronically controlled suspension this year as well, so maybe they're not too far down the pipe for off road use.
  10. A common sense machine for the AMA rulemakers. :ride:
  11. Buy yourself some 18mm offset clamps and keep the pumpkin.
  12. If I sing when I ride, it kinda reminds me to breath more often, so the i-pod idea seems like it could help me ride a lil' better.
  13. Now go out there and make all the local thumpers suck on premix fumes. For best results (and smell), I recommend Klotz R50, Rock Oil Synthesis 2, Motul Factory 800, Red Line, or anything with Castor.
  14. Yeah, I've been meaning to try this myself. Even if you crank it up, it can't be all THAT bad. Look at Ashley Fiolek, she's completely deaf and she's on her way to becoming the best in the womens class.
  15. ^ Is that Albee?