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  1. lbzboyhb

    Pilot jets for KLX 110 stock carb

    sudco has them all let me know what size you want i have them all.. and sudco is half the price
  2. lbzboyhb

    So Cal riding spots?

    does anyone still ride in hunington beach.. went there monday and no one and the guy there said they rode on the other side before it was closed.. i went off of bolsachica till it dead end and then pushed the bike down the hill there was some jumps on a hill is this it or not. what about in costa Mesa where 17th street ends and curves? i seen a bunch of people riding bikes here a few years back.
  3. lbzboyhb

    DRZ110 ---Red Sticker???

    06 green striker just got it for the 110 have a shee 03 supost to be red but they gave me a green just go down to the dmv they will swap it out
  4. not easy.. i am sure that some one else has an easier way but i put 8 zip ties around the spring bottomed out the shock on the bike pulled them tight and removed the old one. did the same with the new one in a vise and zip ties.not very safe but if you have a suspension shop around you they should have a spring compressor
  5. lbzboyhb

    110 / 60 hubs

    any pics of one installed .. does the with the brake support rod removed how does the brake work.