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  1. If you wanna practice your whips I suggest you use a bigger jump with a little more lip than those in the pics. Take off the jump and seatbounce it and start leaning direction you feel most comfortable right before you take off, then lead the bike with your shoulders and take it as far as you want, then land. Thats how i would describe it, its a little bit harder trying to whip standing up like your doing in those pics.
  2. Cydways785

    ''Testimonial of a Trackbuilder''

    Just have a friend or your neighbor come out with you when you ride. Nice track, i like your dedication to both riding and building. Try to build stuff that challenges you as a track builder and a rider. And you said some of the faces were wearing down in the middle, try to ride different lines so you will be versitile on the track.
  3. Cydways785

    possibly the valves?

    well I didnt get the manual when i bought the bike used, but I think I'm going to call the guy and see if he still has it.
  4. Cydways785

    possibly the valves?

    anyone else have any input?
  5. Cydways785

    possibly the valves?

    it backfires a little bit but nothing huge, just some poping on the decel.
  6. Do they have the same bolt patern? I like yellow over green and I don't want to buy yellow plastic and it not fit.
  7. Cydways785

    possibly the valves?

    I'm pretty much brand new to the four stroke scene. I don't even know if my bike is hard to start but compared to a two stroke it is. And my friend who has the exact same bike(04 kx 250f) said that my bike is hard to kick. So is it possibly a valve clearance problem or something? What would be the signs of a problem with the valves other than being hard to kick? Is there anything else that could be the problem? The guy I bought it from said they replaced the stock piston with a weisco +1 piston and he said he adjusted the valves but he also could have been lieing. Any help is apriciated.
  8. I apologize if this isn't in the right forum, but what all would I need to buy to street legalize a kx250f? Since the gas prices are so high I figured I would have an extra set of plastic and tires so I could ride my bike to school and around town to keep it cheep. Also would it be logical to do that? I'm sure it would mean more rebuilds but would it be worth it? Please move to a different forum if need be. Also what are some good sites too buy plastic and tires from?