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  1. JLC2KLX

    gluing grips?

    Another low-buck trick is to squirt some spray paint into the grip and slide in on. The paint provides enough lubrication to easily slide the grip onto the bar and when it dries, the grip isn't going anywhere. Anyone who has ever painted a window shut can attest to the gripping power of paint.
  2. JLC2KLX

    Next bike for 8yr old (CRF80 or KLX110)

    There's one on every thread. Like you said it's just your opinion - for us the hybrid solution made sense, it's obviously not going to work for everyone. As for having their hands full with the clutch - most kids that have previous riding experience (auto-clutch) pick up the mechanics of the clutch in one or two outings.
  3. JLC2KLX

    Next bike for 8yr old (CRF80 or KLX110)

    The CRF 100 w/70 wheels measures 28 1/2" - which is just under the height of a stock CRF 80 (28.9")
  4. JLC2KLX

    Next bike for 8yr old (CRF80 or KLX110)

    The swap is very straight forward - they bolt right up. Some additional details to consider are: 1) The flange that the sprocket bolts to is narrower on the 70. Therefore to get proper chain alignment it needs to be shimmed out. We solved this problem by sacrificing a spare sprocket and "fabricating" a spacer out of it. 2) The stock gearing on the 100 is 14/50. The addition of the smaller rear wheel (16" to 12") turns that combo into a stump puller in the first three gears. We have dropped to a 14/36 combo and it appears to be about right. 3) The 100 runs a 428 chain versus a 420 on the 70. Need to run a different sprocket accordingly. 4) The 36 tooth rear sprocket for the 100 (428 compatible) is a special order item. The smallest that I was able to find off the shelf was a 42 tooth. We ordered our 36 tooth sprocket from Sprocket Specialists - $47. All said, it is a very easy swap and for our situation it was the best option.
  5. JLC2KLX

    Next bike for 8yr old (CRF80 or KLX110)

    Just went through the same drill. Our solution was to put the 70 wheels on a CRF 100. The result was more power, manual clutch, and a manageable seat height for an 8 year old. But the biggest benefit is that it can be stepped up as he grows (larger wheels/motor work/misc mods. If you end up going this route, I have a few lessons learned that I'd be happy to share.
  6. JLC2KLX

    CRF80 Rims on a CRF100

    Just realize that the left and right "spoke kit" is 1 spoke and 1 nipple. You will need 18 of each.
  7. JLC2KLX

    XR 70 wheels on a CRF 100?

    The stock set up for the 70 is a 36 tooth rear sprocket and 50 on the CRF 100. I picked up a 47 for the XR 70 donor wheel, thinking I would be close to the stock gearing for the 100 - failing to account for dropping from a 16" rear wheel to a 12". With the 47 on the rear, it was geared way, way low. I will throw on the 36 and see where we need to adjust from there!
  8. JLC2KLX

    XR 70 wheels on a CRF 100?

    I completed the swap ('00 XR 70 wheels onto a '06 CRF 100) this weekend for a very exited 8yr old. It turned out to be the perfect set up for us - manual clutch, more power, low seat height, and the ability to step it up as he grows. I was concerned about introducing the manual clutch, but he took to it right away. As was previously mentioned, the parts transfer over directly. The only difference we noted was in the thickness of the flange that the rear sprocket bolts to - approx 3/16" thicker on the CRF 100, which required us to shim it out to get proper chain alignment. Not sure if it varies with different years or not. Now all that remains is to experiment with the gearing.