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  1. Forry

    Rider Shot on Mt Emma

    We were fightin' a brushfire in that area a couple of years ago and one of our water dropping helicopters took a bullet to the fuselage. No harm done, fortunately.
  2. I have had a bent, but not broken, front brake lever for 2 years now and finally got down to the "local" KTM dealer to order a new one. 47 dollars and change! I didn't have time to dispute the price but I'm hoping they made a mistake. Could the lever actually cost that much?
  3. Forry

    Ocotillo DEC 1-3

    My boy and I are going to try to get out there. Burgundy Tahoe, KTM LC4e 400 and my boy's CRF 70. Arriving late afternoon on Friday and riding most of the day Saturday. We usually set up camp just before Pole Line Road. We'll try to fit a sunset ride in on Friday. Hope to see you out there. Forrest and Casey
  4. Forry

    got problem :(

    My 2001 LC4 400e will make the same noise when idling during cold start up and choked. When the bike warms up she idles fine and the noise goes away. Until now I didn't know what it was and never got around to finding out if something was wrong or not. Thank you for starting this thread. Now I know! Thumpertalk rocks!
  5. Forry

    Riding Double with Kid?

    According to the Ocotillo Wells State Vehicular Recreation Area pamphlet provided through the California State Parks, under Special Rules For All-Terrain Vehicles, it reads, Helmets: Required (duh) Passengers: Prohibited on all ATVs Although it doesn't describe or define what an ATV is. Also a minor may not operate an ATV unless he or she has received the safety course in this state or another state, or is under the direct supervision of an adult who has the appropriate safety certification (Section 38503), and must be under the direct supervision of a parent or guardian at all times.
  6. Perseid meteor shower this weekend. If anyone is riding/camping out away from the city lights check out the skies. Best viewed after midnight.
  7. Forry

    Kennedy Meadows Aug 12

    The Perseid Meteor shower is going on now and is supposed to be the most active on the 11th through the 14th. But the best viewing is after midnight. So when you guys are sitting around the campfires after a good day of riding take a look up into the sky.
  8. When I renewed my registration the CA DMV gal asked me if I wanted to "dual purpose register" my bike (2001 KTM LC4 400, plated). She informed me that plated bikes are allowed practically anywhere but that some areas of the US will require a green sticker regardless. So now I have both. Does anyone have a similar story? Thanks, Forrest
  9. Thats ok, I can take it. I love my LC4 400.
  10. Forry

    '01 LC4 E values and pitfalls

    I bought my 2001 LC4 400 in 2003. It had 501 miles on it and was meticulously maintained by a 50 year old. I paid $4,000 for it. It's heavy but it kicks ass, street or dirt.
  11. Forry

    recovered ktm

    Welcome to the future of "free-riding" in southern California