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  1. I had the same issue on my 520, I had a loose battery connection! Used that battery for the rest of that season.
  2. Dang I hope the engine has not been harmed by lack of oil flow.
  3. You only want 2 tangs, and 1/4" is plenty deep, 1/8" would probably be enough.
  4. Good to hear! That is what I would expect from a company like Wiseco. Costumer service as good as there products.
  5. The cables are very sensitive to to proper routing. When I installed my pumper I had to try several different routes to find one that allowed the cables to work freely. And if I remember correctly they ended up in different location then the stock cables I had just removed. Anyway that is my vote. Try relocating them and keep in mind that small adjustments can give you the results you are looking for. Brad Cad
  6. Michigan

    Rode down to Tin Cup late last year from the Little Manistee/Lincoln Hills trail, I was shocked on how wide and whooped out the ORV trail was. The single track was still good though for the most part, as you might expect.
  7. Michigan

    My son and nephew were going to Carrieville Saturday morning to ride the Little Manistee trial. We got off of 131 and started west, heading into Luther, and this large black bear ran across 14 mile rd about 75 yard in front of the truck! This is the second time my son and I have seen a bear run across the in front of us with dirt bikes in tow. But this bear was much larger, his legs were long and his head looked quit large! This is about 10 - 15 miles away less then 24 hours later after your bear siting. Brad_Cad
  8. Loved it! Thanks for post this, lunch time entertainment at it's finest. How many miles is the "Big Bear Dual Sport Ride" anyway. It looks like a blast. Brad Cad
  9. It would be great to see some pics of your handy work !
  10. I have just recently installed one on my 2001 XR400 and I had great luck with mine but I was re-installing the forks when I installed it, maybe that is the difference? I had just removed my forks to change fluid and do the "shim stack mod". I had also decided not to re-install the bellows style fork tube protectors that are a standard expected piece on all XR's. I slid the forks back into the triple clamps and only slight tightened the top triple clamp pinch bolts just enough to hold the forks in place. Then I clamp the RSW fork brace onto the lower fork tubes right were the bellows used to seat, I tightened the brace screws evenly. Then I installed the front wheel as you normally would (with the old odometer drive in its proper place), I then tightened the pinch bolts on the front axle, then back up to the top to torque the tripled clamps. I had to make no further adjustments at all. AND I did find that when running fast rutty two tracks and when in sand, the RSW brace made a very nice improvement, I am happy with it for sure:banana: Brad_cad
  11. Can't wait to see those pics! As soon as I can see more of your handy work I'm running to HF so I can get mine started ASAP. Keep up the good work Brad Cad
  12. I purchased a Mikuni pumper from XRsonly last year and I can tell you for sure, you will NOT see mine on eBay anytime soon!!
  13. Sicass Racing !! I know it looks like they are all orange but this is not the case, give em a call, there service and knowledge in this area is quit vast. They were a major help to me with my Dakar dual sport! Some time later I switched to LED linkers and again SAR was great to talked to about that explaining the IC blinker and how to hook it up, good guys IMHO Brad_cad
  14. Thanks for the heads up, I'll check that out for sure. Although I don't use a bigger then standard tank I make up enough extra weight to qualify for concern. I do have heaver then standard springs too -see above-. But having the brace slid down is not something I need to have happen. Thanks again. Brad_cad PS Nice looking XR4 - What header pipe do you have on that things, I noticed it right off?
  15. I just received my fork brace from RSW and I received no instructions in the package either. Just wondering if you ever found out anything in this area? I must admit the "sticking" has be concerned. RSW Racing should know what the prober "distance between fork tubes" are for the forks on a XR4. Like I said, this concerns me as I am about to install mine!?!