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  1. riderss

    Brown Mt Saturday?

    Weather channel? We're talking offroad here! Just been thinking about a little offroad since I have not since er...April? Been riding street and thought Brown was closing for a few months. BTW did ride street, 421, Shady Valley, Mountain City, ect. Weather OK.
  2. riderss

    Brown Mt Saturday?

    Guess not?
  3. riderss

    Brown Mt. Dec 29-30-31

    I need to get out on my dirt bike. Next Saturday might be good?
  4. riderss


    Anyone? Double post, sorry. Seeing if anyone is riding this weekend. Or other times.
  5. riderss


  6. riderss

    35th Annual Brown Mountain Lights Enduro

    Had a great (albeit short) ride. I really enjoyed the trails. Dropped 57 points & managed a 2nd in Super Senior C. Missed the win by 1 point. What kind of trouble did you have?
  7. December 19th at Brushy Mountain Motorsports Park, postponed from September 26th. Who's going?
  8. riderss

    Hare scrambles

    You're in the heart of it. www.setra.org
  9. riderss

    Hare scrambles

    Southeastern Enduro & Trail Riders Association (SETRA) and Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) both have websites with schedules. Also many state championship series, NCHSA, VCHSA, Mideast, Midsouth...Search on Hare Scrambles. Also try an enduro sometime. What state are you in?
  10. riderss

    Brushy Mt. Fri, 12-10

    Ridin on Friday, sheeesh! Don't you know Friday is a work day. I was considering trying to go there Saturday, as it is 10 dollar weekend & next weekend is the SETRA enduro there. 450TR, how far between Brown & Brushy? Would I be best to just drive right past Brown to get there? I had a killer ride at Brown the day we met there. We rode all the old stuff, hardly rode any 4-wheeler capable trails. Got 28 miles in, a few rest & camera stops, & out around 1PM. Don't know if I could find them now, I was just trying to keep up.
  11. riderss

    Country Club Enduro

    Well what did everyone think?
  12. riderss

    Country Club Enduro

    So who's going ? I plan on riding it. It's one of few within 3 hours of home. I'll be there around 7:30 or 8.
  13. riderss

    Brown Mtn. ride 11/27 04 10:00am

    I'll be there! Black GMC Z71, Blue 250F.
  14. riderss

    Country Club Enduro

    450, Check SETRA website. SETRA enduros are a blast. I wish more were within driving distance to make one day trips & work the next day! Usual equipment is a headlight, tailight, & an old tag, Mine is on my chest protector back. A watch & a roll chart holder are handy but I think this one is all known controls, so no timekeeping would be necessary. What's the best way to get there from NE Tennessee? Up 81 & down 77 seems like a long way around. Through Boone & Wilksboro?