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    throwing massive roost
  1. dman450f

    We've lost one of our own....

    unless he has upgraded the bike you will roast him!!!
  2. dman450f

    Essential things to do to mod your WR

    how about the AIS removal ?? huh?
  3. dman450f

    A bit concerned

    The cold weather will surely make the bike run like crap....if you dont jet for it...
  4. dman450f

    Where can I purchase WR 450 Graphics???

    duh,never mind...
  5. dman450f

    Where can I purchase WR 450 Graphics???

    matty,where do we get those bad boyz??
  6. dman450f

    What comes with a 05 wr450 ?

    aww , that mud wont hurt that purtty new bike....
  7. dman450f


    yes , bring the mountain bike, I will sit in the basket and hold the beer !
  8. dman450f


    We should all get together some day ...just pick a destination and load up our bikes , camping gear , and oh yeah ...lots of BEER !! Wouldnt that be a blast ??
  9. dman450f


    thats funny bro!.... ride on....
  10. dman450f


    man....lets all just have a beer and...then we can do some A$$ beatin .... ...
  11. dman450f


    The funny part is that mountain bikes do almost as much damage to mother earth as our dirt bikes...I understand your frustration clark...some people just need their A$$ BEAT!!
  12. dman450f

    GYT-R Clutch Cover ?'s

    its 8 degrees here this mornin...the bottom of the cover has a slight design diferrence to me anyway...they are real close though...
  13. dman450f

    TTR 125 Skid plate and hand guards

    I would get the BBR,thats what is going on my sons bike...spendy though...and yes the bike will fly..my son bottomed his out the 2nd time out...the frame needs it...
  14. dman450f

    GYT-R Clutch Cover ?'s

    hey clark hows it going , when looking at the photos they dont look identical to me... but I am a pickey perfectionist...