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  1. dang574

    how do u keep your gear clean?

    I get home from a day of riding Limp into the house Tell my son to unload the bike Throw the gear in a pile by the basement door Somehow next weekend it will be in the closet all clean Works 3 out of 4 weeks
  2. dang574

    couple problems :(

    New suzukis have the grip vulcanized (molded) on the throttle tube. You can get it off with alot of work and various tools, usually causing too much damage to the throttle tube itself. Save yourself the grief and buy a decent aftermarket aluminum tube, ther'e better anyway.
  3. dang574

    Ricky Wallpaper

    And my current desktop
  4. dang574

    Ricky Wallpaper

    One of my favorites
  5. dang574

    valve cover bolts

    just did mine, 7x1, its an unusual size and I had to order them from our parts store.
  6. dang574

    SHOW me your RM!!!

  7. dang574

    SHOW me your RM!!!

  8. dang574

    SHOW me your RM!!!

  9. dang574

    Running lean? how do i tell?

    then you have a main jet / needle too rich and your idle mixture / pilot jet is too lean. I would start by dropping the needle down 2 clips to see if it cleans up the top end then tweak the idle mixture out 1/8 at a time till no backfireing on decel.
  10. dang574

    Starting issue - HOT_this is getting old!

    The zip ty fuel screw is a bit shorter than the stock so taking that into account I figure all the way in is equal to the stock needle being about a quarter turn out. There is nothing clogged in my carb I have had it apart several times thats why I don't want to even take it off to replace the pilot. Hot start works perfect, when the bike starts it runs lean, idles fast, and if reved backfires on decel, release the hot start engine settles to idle and runs great.
  11. dang574

    Running lean? how do i tell?

  12. dang574

    Starting issue - HOT_this is getting old!

    Here's how I figured mine out. I put a zip ty fuel adjust in and started making small adjustments, 1/2 - 2 1/2 turns. Did not make a diff. Bike still stalled in corners and worse over jumps when I would give it gas to correct for front too low. Finally I read somewhere to lean the idle until backfire on decel. I had to turn the fuel screw in all the way to get this. Now turn out 1/8 turn at a time until backfire stops. for me this happened at 1/8 turn. On very hot days I need to close it all the way again to keep from backfiring. Should get a 40 pilot but I don't want to take that D@m carb off again and this is working. Also during this process adjusting the idle was needed. Now runs great never stalls unless I do something stupid and starts right up 3-5 kicks in gear, clutch and hot start pulled, or neutral and just hot start.
  13. dang574

    Starting issue - HOT_this is getting old!

    Couldn't agree more, if going richer made no difference, you gotta go leaner. My 06 was rich on the bottom and it was a pain to figure out.
  14. http://i171.photobucket.com/albums/u301/dang574/MO0605_SCA53.jpg http://i171.photobucket.com/albums/u301/dang574/h3jykogckb_1151956673.jpg
  15. dang574

    Tyler Bowers????

    AMA RACING PENALIZES RIDER PICKERINGTON, Ohio (February 28, 2007) – AMA Racing announced today that MDK Honda rider Tyler Bowers of Danville, Ky., has been penalized for his on-track actions at the final round of the AMA Arenacross Series, Saturday, Feb. 17, at Municipal Auditorium in Nashville, Tenn. Bowers has been fined $2,500 and received a 90-day suspension from all AMA Racing activities. Additionally, Bowers will not be able to apply for a professional AMA racing license during the 90-day suspension period. The decision to penalize came after careful review of videotape, accounts by AMA Racing officials and promoter staff, both of whom witnessed the incidents and statements from competitors. According to AMA Amateur Motocross Manager Ryan Holliday, Bowers demonstrated a number of unacceptable actions and posed serious threat to both himself and fellow competitors. Holliday cited the following rules violations from the AMA Supercross/Motocross Rulebook when assessing the penalties: Chapter 4, B (3), j: An attack on an AMA Pro Racing official and/or engaging in a fight. This includes any person who attacks or is involved in a fight anywhere on the premises prior to, during, or after an AMA Pro Racing meet. There will be no maximum fine or suspension period for this offense. Chapter 4, B (3), l: Failure to re-enter the track at a point as close as practical to the point at which the rider left the track; and in so doing gaining an unfair advantage. Chapter 4, B (3), o: Failing to immediately respect and comply with operational or warning flags/lights or other signals from AMA Pro Racing officials. Chapter 4, B (3), q: Riding at any time in such a manner as to endanger the life or limb of other riders, officials or the public. Chapter 4, B (3), w: Any other act or actions deemed by a Series Manager or AMA Pro Racing to be detrimental to the sport of motorcycle racing and the AMA. Bowers was informed of his penalties on Feb. 28, 2007