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  1. jrockrat

    post videos of you on your DRZ.

    Thanks. It's a great place to ride. I usually run S12 take offs that a buddy gives me after he races on them a couple times.
  2. jrockrat

    post videos of you on your DRZ.

    Yeah we have a good group of guys that all do pretty well on what they ride. Here's the perry video mineolaman mentioned. This is a fun and challenging place to ride. http://vimeo.com/42457641
  3. jrockrat

    post videos of you on your DRZ.

    Thanks! Most of my riding is done in south east ohio Sent from my iPhone using Thumper Talk
  4. jrockrat

    Case Corrosion and replacement oil line

    Thanks for the idea, I hadn't thought of that. I found a replacement on ebay for $15 so for that price I'm just gonna go that route, but if something like it happens again (hopefully not ) I'll remember that idea.
  5. jrockrat

    Case Corrosion and replacement oil line

    Yes it's the oil line. Once I got everything cleaned up I could watch the oil seep out of the line and nothing is dripping from above the line. You might be seeing the oil residue that was still on the case from blowing off the line.
  6. jrockrat

    Case Corrosion and replacement oil line

    Thanks for the input. Mine is an E model and I believe it's got the aluminum line. What looks like rust is dirt & oil on it. I guess I was really surprised by the corrosion. I had a KLR650 before this and honestly I rarely cleaned it and I think I took the skid plate off like once or twice the whole 5 years I owned it to clean it out. I never noticed anything like this. I'll definitely keep a closer eye on things with the DRZ.
  7. I went for a ride today since it was a good day for it here in Ohio and when I got back and parked the bike I noticed oil dripping from the bottom of the engine. I pulled the skid plate and found the source of the oil leak to be the oil line on the left side. The leak is just in the bottom section going under the engine but it seems you can only buy the whole line even though it looks like that bottom piece is a separate piece that is easily replaced. Anyone have any insight on this? Also as I was looking for the leak I noticed this corriosion on the case cover!! Something I rode in ate the crap out of the case!! I guess that will teach me to remove my skid plate and clean things off on a more fequent basis. There's no leaks there but I think I'm gonna be pro active and put some JB weld on it to make sure it stays that way. Of course if any one has side covers, both left and right sides sitting around that they want to get rid of for a good price I'd be interested.
  8. jrockrat

    post videos of you on your DRZ.

    This is video from the actual ride.
  9. jrockrat

    post videos of you on your DRZ.

    Promo for a ride that me and a buddy put on.
  10. jrockrat

    Eddie Mod Question

    Ahhhhh....now I see the error of my original post. Wire the arms together FIRST then spead the fork to adjust. Duh!! So I guess my question still is....is there a way to know the spread of the fork externally or do I need to get the air boot off and look in the carb?
  11. jrockrat

    Eddie Mod Question

    Thanks for that link. I was going by what was written up here http://www.thumperta...ddies-mod-pics/ It mentions seeing where the AP arm bottoms out. That was what I was trying to figure out. Does anyone know if there's a way to figure that out or will I need to see into the carb to watch the squirt? I'm doing all this with the carb on the bike and I was hoping I didn't have to take it off or take more of the bike apart to set this. I'm open to suggestions...... Or maybe I'm just over thinking this and I should just wire the arms together, spread the fork to take up the gap at full throttle and take it for a ride and see how it goes. Thanks
  12. I'm doing the Eddie Mod on my DRZ400E. I've ground down the stop in the diaphragm. My question is.....when I spead the fork with the throttle open how do I know if the AP shaft is bottomed out? Is it with the throttle open and only the spring tension pushing the shaft down? Or is it with the throttle open and a little pressure on shaft till it stops. Which looks like this when I do that. I know I need to spread the fork so that the shaft stops just before bottoming out & then wire the fork to the plastic arm. I just need to figure out where "bottomed out" is. Thanks
  13. jrockrat

    Eddie mod question.

    WARNING!!! Porno link in above post! JERK!!!
  14. jrockrat

    Eddie Mod ? & CE removal ?

    Ok, thanks for clearing that up.