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  1. Yeah deff. all about position on the dirt-scooter! Butt back on the seat for traction, elbows down for aerodynamics, visor down to block the sun so you don't get side tracked, feet off and behind the pegs for even more aerodynamics, strait back, and you got something way faster than that guy with the new gigacapasitor!!!
  2. and camon driveway pics? lets see that thing out on the trail haha :p ...i know that thing is more than capeable of some trails!
  3. thats pretty cool, i've been thinking of an Cherokee XJ later on when i get the money. The room in wranglers leaves MUCH to be desired.
  4. want a jeepster on 35's that would be sweet
  5. yeah i guess....there's just something about the big gaps and stuff that get to me
  6. +1 on the goofyness
  7. You are right lol its a temparary fix .... and not the best if your gonna go wheelin
  8. Well actually if you get a 4" susp. KIT it will come with all the necessary spacers and drops for your transfer case so that your pinion angle is correct, meaning that you won't need cv drives or anything because your t-case will be lower and at a better angle. The one i ordered (rough country 4" $430) has all of the essentials needed and i'm not going to need a driveshaft. So if you do get a susp. lift make sure it comes with the t-case drop and you'll be fine
  9. Looks like a project but i think it'll be sweet when it's done
  10. you'll probably like the 33's better IMO with 35's theres too much jumping in and out, especially if its a daily driver, believe me it gets old quick. Don't get me wrong they are cool but i think 33's are the way to go, big and cool and still practicle:thumbsup:
  11. Yeah you'll be fine if you want to go with the 35's ... as long as its the 6cyl:thumbsup: . The 4 bangers struggle rollin that much weight! Especially if your off-road!
  12. Yeah jeep ppl are a different breed and you gotta be into them (i know i am) that yj sounds pretty sweet
  13. Nissan power huh? :-P Sounds liks so much fun lol just playin