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  1. Kevin_S

    Baja Designs CRF450X General Discussion

    Here are some photos of the Kit installed.
  2. Kevin_S

    Baja Designs Dual Sport Kit

    Great Product.
  3. Kevin_S

    Baja Designs CRF450X General Discussion

    These pics are just with the Squadron installed before the Dual Sport Kit.
  4. Kevin_S

    Baja Designs CRF450X General Discussion

    I just finished installing the Baja Designs dual sport kit on my 2012 450x. The bike already had the Squadron Pro light, so I bought the kit without the headlight. With help from Baja Designs we were able to use the programmable led dimmer switch to have a high and low beam that works with the multi function switch. This kit eliminated the kill switch and the Squadron Pro on/off switch from the bars. The kill switch is now incorporated into the key switch that hangs off of the BRP upper tripple clamp. Excellent kit. Everything not only looks like it came from then factory this way, but it all works like it supposed to with working brake lights and a horn. Great kit. If anyone wants photos let me know.
  5. Kevin_S

    Baja Designs CRF450X General Discussion

    No need to post the prices. I was able to get a 25% discount from one of your dealers. Thanks.
  6. Kevin_S

    Baja Designs CRF450X General Discussion

    How about a group discount offer for Dual Sport kits?
  7. Kevin_S

    Honda CRF450X Rider Reviews

    Bajadesigns.com has some good options. I have one of their ones with 4 LEDs. Works great off road.
  8. Kevin_S

    Honda CRF450X Rider Reviews

    I have a very well outfitted 2012 450x. Without trying to list all of the professional mods by Nicolli racing and JCR Speed Shop and others that make it a fully prepped Baja race bike; It is by far the best ride I have ever ridden. I have piloted blue for so long that the switch to red was really difficult in concept. When I found this ride at a KTM dealer on consignment, I was overwhelmed and quickly sealed the deal. Then I added a Rekluse. This is where we are now I run it hard weekly. Poetry in motion. Pick your playlist on your mp3 and run it. This is what we do. Enjoy.
  9. Kevin_S

    ~450X RIDERS~ Ride reports and picture links - Non technical!

    Ride Report Cajon Pass via Cleghorn to Lake Silverwood 6/05/2015 This is an 8 minute video with 2 angles of a 32 mile loop by Lake Silverwood, CA. Since I ride with music, I added a couple of songs that I listen to while riding. Cheers.
  10. Craig, sorry its been so long but I haven't been online. I really like the Rekluse clutch. You still have engine braking with the Rekluse. If the clutch disengages on a downhill (which will happen if you lock up the rear brake) just crack the throttle and you have your engine braking back as long as the rpm's stay just above idle you have engine braking until the RPMs drop off again by hitting the rear brake. I just got back from a ride on a mountain road with plenty of switchbacks and being able to back into the corners without the potential of stalling while still in 2nd or 3rd by hitting the rear brake is really cool. I run 14/49 gearing because i don't need to go any faster than that. Cheers.
  11. Kevin_S

    Honda CRF450X 2012

    All the mods were completed except for the Rekluse Core Exp. 3.0 and the custom JCR 1x Team Graphics which I added.<br /><br />There was a little build-up in the pilot jet that caused a lean condition but that was easily solved. All prepped and ready to go again.
  12. Kevin_S

    Honda CRF450X (2012)


    All the mods were completed except for the Rekluse Core Exp. 3.0 and the custom JCR 1x Team Graphics which I added.<br /><br />There was a little build-up in the pilot jet that caused a lean condition but that was easily solved. All prepped and ready to go again.
  13. At 50, I just went through this analysis for real. I bought it, own it, added a few items, and now just enjoy the heck out of riding it. I ride desert mostly, but every now and then I will go to the mountains in the off season. Owned a dual sport for about 3 years (DRZ400) that I setup for desert. Rode it to work a couple of times, never really did much street riding. Owned several performance street bikes which is probably why the dual sport doesn't appeal to me. Raced SCORE (Sportsman Class) with my YZ450 and then to a WR450 after the E-line Stator melted at mile 316 in the 2005 500. We now ride as a family with my teenage children. For the last 7 years I was banished to quads after my 3rd Stage 3 Concussion when I ran out of talent in the 07 San Felipe 250. My teenage children started passing me on their 250F's and the quads just didn't cut-it. With a solem promise not to race and ride smarter, I was given permission to buy my last new bike. It was hard to break away from the WR's and the KTM's were certainly tempting. Having a budget of $10k, Here is what I bought and built. 2012 CRF 450X. 2003 R Cam, SS Valves, Carb & Aribox mods, & Suspension Tuning/Valving by Nicole Racing. Baja Designs Quadron XL LED lighting w/ rewound stator and install kit. FMF Full TI Exhaust Rekluse Core Exp. 3.0 Works Connection Clutch Perch & Radiator Gaurds BRP Top Clamp Renthal Twinwall Bar's Hyde Racing Skid Plate IMS SS Pegs and 3.2 Gallon Natural tank Ballistic Gel Battery AND just to pimp it out fully, Custom JCR Racing 1x Team graphics with my name on it. Since I don't race anymore, the 1x will not be a problem; just a big question for everyone that sees it. Really cool.
  14. 2005 TTR 90. Lost ignition key. Would like to bypass switch. I cut the switch off and found 4 wires. 1) Red, 2) Brown, 3) Black, 4) Black / White. How can I hook them up to a toggle and eliminate the stock key switch?
  15. Kevin_S

    YZ450 won't start after rebuild...

    Same shim thing happened on my YZ450 2 years ago. It cost me hours !!!!!!!