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  1. KimYZ250F

    More injury pics, for the non-squeamish and curious...

    Hey girlie....probably an unappropriate name for you eh? I hope all is going well and you are on my prayer list. Get well soon Kim
  2. KimYZ250F

    Learning2Fly Down!

    DJ, I'm really sorry to hear about this. My prayers are with you in your recovery. I will call to talk as well. Your Louisiana buddy, Kim
  3. KimYZ250F

    $20 LBZ women's riding pants!!

    Hey DJ, I hope you bought the matching fanny pack...just kidding. They are some cute pants
  4. KimYZ250F

    Only a Dirt Girl Could Enjoy

    Awesome cake! Awesome place at the Enduro. Family riding is the BEST!
  5. KimYZ250F

    Memorial Day riding vid...

    Sweet video!!! Kim
  6. KimYZ250F

    Not so good weekend ...

    Sorry to hear about all the bad stuff floating around you. My prayers are with you for the loss of your grandma, prayers to Mark for a speedy recovery, and prayers to your friend's family and friends at their loss. Kim
  7. KimYZ250F

    It's for the best

    Sorry to hear about your loss. I think (and no offense to the guys) but it's always harder on a guy to lose a wife than a wife to lose a husband. Women are nurturing and it has to be difficult to lose the person that has taken care of you since the day you said I do. My prayers are with your grandpa. I know how he feels as I've watched my grandpa struggle for the last several years. He still lives in their house and has a picture in my grandmother's favorite chair. He talks to her just as though she were sitting there with him. It makes me cry everytime. Kim
  8. KimYZ250F

    Finally, Some Wedding Pix

    That is too freaking cool. Thanks for sharing the pics. Kim
  9. KimYZ250F

    does your SO ride too?

    Tammie, My husband doesn't ride dirt and has no interest in it whatsoever. It makes it HIGHLY difficult not having his support. Definitely make sure your next relationship either 1. they like dirtbikes or 2. can entertain themselves with something else while you do. Kim
  10. KimYZ250F

    Back to CA!

    This thread should be locked and L2Fly locked to LA I finally meet the coolest freaking MX chick ever and the trashy chick has to freaking leave me All sillyness asside, I really wish you the best of luck on your career change DJ You will be greatly missed here Kim
  11. KimYZ250F

    New Here.. Intro..

    Welcome aboard Laurie. Just ignore the boys who visit our section...hehe Kim
  12. KimYZ250F

    Taking a newb for a ride....

    I don't think she's referring to the guy as someone who would HIT ladies...more like ladies probably would have no interest in him with his attitude. How's that for a translation?
  13. KimYZ250F

    New Puppy!

    Cute kids ya got there....and oh they are staring at the sweet looking car outside the fence.
  14. KimYZ250F

    Merry Christmas & Happy Holidaze!

    I'd like the thank each and every picture poster. I will NOT re-gift these hotties. hehe
  15. KimYZ250F

    Taking a newb for a ride....

    She has the coolest ex like ever. hehe