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  1. bigskyrider

    Big Sky XC

    Thank you all for coming out last weekend, the riders and their families certainly made this event. Big thanks to Forest, Jason, Reed Family, Wix Family, Schroeder family and the Clarks. The volunteers did a great job and I think we all saw some amazing racing! Thanks again, Jamey
  2. bigskyrider

    Big Sky XC

    What you could do is ride the Unlimited Class right away Sat morning and make a decision from there. The unlimited class is basically opening the A/B course to everyone to get an idea of what the terrain will be like. There are no trophies for this class and we will not be tracking positions, but rather allowing the racers to get an idea of what the course looks like. I would suggest preregistering for the C Class, we can change it on Sat if you go out and get a feel for the course and do not want to ride it on Sunday. The C Class will also be a fun course, it will be similar. The top left of the diagram you included will be cut from the C Class as that loop has some serious elevation changes and a tough climb. I have also cut the top of the course, the elevation gain is pretty dramatic towards the top. Again, I would plan to ride the unclassified if you are unsure. I can change the class you are registered at the door. Let me know if you have any other questions. I might be able to get Joe to post the GPS coordinates for the other race for me. Jamey
  3. bigskyrider

    Big Sky XC

    I was up this morning and finally linked the kids course together. It looks like it will be a fun 3.25 miles for the kids and C Class on Saturday. Let me know if you have any questions. Jamey www.bigskyxc.com
  4. bigskyrider

    Water pouring out my engine oil drain hole

    Thanks for your help cubera, it is a crack in the cylinder, a horizontal crack in the cam area.
  5. bigskyrider

    Water pouring out my engine oil drain hole

    I think cubera is right, as much as I don't want it to be. I would have coolant leaking into my tranny if it were a water pump seal. I will let you know what I find.
  6. bigskyrider

    Water pouring out my engine oil drain hole

    I replaced it before adding new coolant
  7. I tried searching some forums on this, and found quite a bit of info on water leaks and 450. I have an 06 450X, notice a couple of weeks ago that I had the coolant leaking from the telltale hole, replaced the water pump seal seemed to work. I raced last weekend and after the race I change the oil, found a vanilla shake. Tanny fluid looked fine. I had everything to rebuild the top end so I did(I thought it was due). I also replaced the water pump bearing, oil seal, mechanical seal. I got the bike back together, still had the drain plug for the oil and trans fluid out, poured in a couple of cups of coolant and it begins coming out of the engine oil drain hole after about 10 seconds :thumbsup: What do you think I screwed up? I think that it still may be something around the water pump, I don't think I was getting enough water in to have a problem with the cylinder.
  8. bigskyrider

    Montana....Pipestone or not?

    BNB - Flying121 and few others are going to be riding south of Big Sky, you are more than welcome to join us. Jamey
  9. bigskyrider

    Big Sky Montana

    Garrett - I was told by the forest service that #2 is closest to what is open currently, but I haven't been using it. #7 is the map the alternative the FS wants to adopt. Other than that I have been using the aweful Gallatin Forest/West Half map. Jamey
  10. bigskyrider

    Big Sky Montana

    Hi Mike - I would recommend that you start with the Gallatin NF West Half map. It covers the Bridgers and Bangtails just north of Bozeman down to West Yellowstone. There are some very fun single track trails around Big Sky. As I mentioned in a previous post, 11 miles south of Big Sky(roughly 40 miles N of WestY) is the Taylor Fork river road whcih will lead you to a great riding area south of the river. A place I like to ride which can be challenging single track is the Porcupine/Buffalo Horn area just a couple of mile south of Big Sky on the east side of HWY 191. I would also recommend you check out this site regarding the proposed travel mgmt plan http://www.fs.fed.us/r1/gallatin/?page=/projects/travel_planning Jamey
  11. bigskyrider

    Big Sky Montana

    A couple of us will be riding the Taylor Fork area just south of Big Sky (about 11 miles) Aug20th. On the Forest Service Map it is close to the Wapiti Ranger Station. A lot of great trails, not too technical, let me know if you are interested. Jamey
  12. bigskyrider

    DRZ400S seal behind front sprocket replacement

    Thanks for the doing the work for me, I will work the archives
  13. Wondering if anyone has experienced this seal failing. Mine just did after 700 miles of riding(both street and single track). I have an 04 and little mechanical experience with this bike. Is it possible to replace the seal once the sprocket is off or is it more labor intensive? Thanks for your input
  14. bigskyrider

    Big Sky Montana

    I am game for a ride on the 20th(or even a 3-4 hour loop any night in Big Sky during the week). I live right across the hwy from the Porcupine trail head and very close to the Taylor Fork area(more trails). I mostly ride the Porcupine trail that G described above, just because I don't have to haul my bike there. Let me know what you guys think. Jamey 85XR350 04DRZ400
  15. bigskyrider

    Hey fellow Montanans

    Hello from Big Sky - Its nice to see other posts out there from MT, I am game for a ride Aug 20th, near Big Sky or whereever.