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  1. Car wash cleaners which work OK. But as the plastics age and are exposed to elements, the plastics fog/haze up. Cleaners dont fix that. Alcohol or windex works OK....for about a day and then it fogs up even worse than when you started. Ammonia-based products (windex) work OK, but that fogs up even worse after a few days. Some people have reported good luck with Ajax, but that dulls the finish and IMO does more harm than good. Anyway, I have been using Mr. Clean cleaning pads w/water for over a year now. Fog comes right out, and does not come back like it does with cleaners. This works great for small scratches also, as well as boot-rubber marks.
  2. pullin-gs

    Need seat for 8-hour road trip.

    When I got home from work last night I was very disapointed to report that MY BUTT HURT.My new AirHawk seat is a NO-GO . You are spot-on with your explanation as to why it is not a good solution for my bike. It does provide some releaf, but it is a "pain-in-the-ass" to keep it aligned and positioned for best comfort. What little comfort benifit it gave was more than offset by the impractical/shifting fit for a narrow seat dirt-bike. I worked on plan-B last night and this morning. Plan-B provides 15-16 inch wide (from original 8-inches) support seat. It uses the same concept as SweetCheeks. I'm almost done with it and am VERY VERY impressed with the comfort, fit, and stability of this seat. It anchors solidly (The SweetHeeks needs work in this area IMO), can be removed in about 2 minutes, and can be moved forward/back a few inches for best ride. Side support can be raised/lowered. Can anyone post pictures? I'd like to show details.
  3. pullin-gs

    Need seat for 8-hour road trip.

    I tell you what, I buy you and your wife a pizza if you can keep up with me on your pegs for the trip I'm taking (I took a similar one last year....search my posts) My next trip is scheduled for week of 9/23: Day one....start in DC, finish up in Townsend, TN at KOE campground. ~525 miles Day two....drive to deals gap (Tail of the Dragon), make three up/down trips, drive back to camp in TN. ~150 of in-the-seat peg-scraping miles. Day three....more TN-twisties (not Deals gap this time)...~150 miles Day four....ride back home. ~525 miles. Thanks for the tips guys, I bought a 9x11 AirHawk pad. I put it on this morning, and road into work. The jury's still out. I'll post a thumbs-up/down after I do a day trip with it. PS: I'm on a KLX250s! Picture is from my last trip (1200 miles). There is some great fun to be had taking the minimalist approach!
  4. I take about 2 road trips every year. Any road trip more than about 4 hours is painful. I need a new seat. Does anyone recommend a seat? I dont want the trouble and expense of a customer made seat. There has got to be some sort of gripper or slide-on seat out there for extended "in the seat" road trips. Thanks
  5. Deej, Thanks for the link. That thread describes exactly what I am experiencing. I figured my steering head needed work, starting with a good cleaning/greasing. I found my steering "catches" in one spot, especially in deep turns. I was also having to constantly "adjust" my line even when going straight. I'll post a followup when I'm done. I expect this will be an all day event this Saturday to fix.
  6. Steering is starting to feel a bit heavy, so I figure it is time to service the steering head before things go bad. I have the service manual. I just got a lift to make things easier. BTW Lift was on sale at Sears (online only, w/free pickup) for only $84. Any advice or words of wisdom before I dive in? thanks P
  7. pullin-gs

    Cold starting problem resolved KLX 250s

    I got rear-ended on my way home from work about two years ago. Believe it or not, the Range-Rover that took me out had more $$ damage than my totaled bike did. I was sitting at a light when the dude ran me over (He was on his phone????). Anyway, his SUV's front end rolled up onto my rear wheel. His front bumper went up over rear wheel and under the sub-frame. By the time the SUV had stopped, my subframe had ripped through the front of his SUV, taking out the radiator and other stuff (AC?, Oil, Trans coolers?). I was super-lucky. I used to put my laptop-bag flat on a big rack on back of my bike. When the SUV hit, the bag popped in the upright position serving as a cushion between my back and the flat front of the Range Rover. When my back hit his front, the bag took most of the impact. I hit the ground hard. But no broken bones. In the end, I got a new bike out of the deal. These bikes are tougher than most give credit for. The rear-wheel not only took the hit, but was able to hold the weight of the SUV (front bumper was resting on top of wheel). After the paramedics checked me out, and the law finished questioning, a bunch of guys were able to pull the bike from out of the SUV's grill. I road it home!!!!! It woddled like a duck, but made it. Frame was bent/broke, rear wheel was bend and missing spokes, swingarm was bent, bushing where all smashed. I had another bike within 3 days and I was back into my commuting routine within a week once I got new gear and helmet (crash scraped my gear up pretty bad).
  8. pullin-gs

    Deals Gap TN or bust!

    Trip is done! Total distance traveled 1228.3 miles. Route selected: Rt29 from Washington DC I40 West US19 to Cherokee KOE campground. Arrived Sunday night after 12 hour ride. Camped over night, and tackled the Dragon on Monday. Camped again Monday night. Left for home on Tuesday at 8:00am in rain. Arrived at 8:30pm. MY ASS HURTS SOOOO BAD!! I kept my speed 60 to 65MPH....yes, 1200 miles at 65MPH on a stock 250! Over the long steep hills outside of Asheville, NC I had to gear down to 5th and take the bike down below 60. Handle-bar toys include: Video Camera, GPS, scroll-chart, water-bottle rack. My 3 packs and tool fender pack weighed in at 41 pounds. I dressed in full gear. I weigh 200 pounds "dry":banana: Monday 7/11/2011.....taming the dragon.
  9. pullin-gs

    Deals Gap TN or bust!

    Packed and ready to roll on 7/10/2011
  10. Heheheh.....he was making shlong castings!
  11. pullin-gs

    Deals Gap TN or bust!

    All the DS mud and dirt cleaned off, this is the bike....it is dialed in as a compromise distance/curves bike.
  12. I'l be heading down to TN in July to tame The Tail of the Dragon. Riding solo, I will be taking Rt-29 South, keeping off the highways. My starting point is Washington DC. This will be my longest trip (1200mile round-trip) on my KLX250s yet. I considered getting a bigger bike (DR650 or KLR650) but instead decided to "go minimalist":D I'm going on my work-horse KLX250s mainly because I am already very comfortable with the bike and know it inside/out. The bike and camping gear in the pictures will be the same setup I use this time around. No off-road riding this time though. I'm using 80%street Perelli Scorpion AT tires. Thoughts? *
  13. I went the "second set of stock rims" route. I changed tires myself between rides the first few times. Then let my dealer swap tires at $50/wheel. At that point it was actually cheaper just to buy a second set of wheels. The aggravation saved of changing my own tires between rides made it a good deal. I think I have about $200 total in the wheels. PS:My dealer charges $35(labor)+$10(new tube)+$3(disposal) +$5(for each wheel-lock)to change tires! Here is an old picture. I have a hard-case mounted on back now.
  14. Good thing the KLX and WLR both have a 6th" For an all out Dirtbike I agree. That said Dual Sport bikes are purpose-designed for street use as well. Tall gearing (usually a 6th for 250 class), streetable tires, full/visible lighting and instrumentation, flat power-band, heavier (Both 250s come in at about 300lbs), extended maintanance scedules.PS: I'm on my 2nd KLX250s.....got about 12K street miles on the first before it got totaled by a Lexus SUV.
  15. What kind of gas mileage do you get? I determined to get a tagged KDX220 pinger for riding around town until I found out the range was limited to only seventy miles at 35MPG tops.Thanks