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  1. holyroller1

    different valve shims?

    Yep!! The Honda shims are the ticket. That is what I used to get my valves back in line.
  2. I just have to say that many of you have a different definition of "kickin ass" than I do. Not leading in the points standing is not kickin ass, IMO. I guess I just don't get it. Whatever.
  3. I have already said this but here goes again. Reed won fair and square. However, IMO that doesn't mean he kicked ass. He won, the 2 fastest riders wrecked. I don't consider this "kicking ass." If you do that is fine. I DON'T!!!
  4. LOL. Seriously, I always liked your posts. You kept things entertaining.
  5. Didn't you get booted from dirtrider.net for making these kinds of incoherent posts that you couldn't back up with logical dialogue?
  6. This is exactly my point. If Reed was 20-40 points ahead in the series I would be on the "Reed is kickin ass" bandwagon. I just don't see it. I like Reed BTW, heck I like RC and JB also. Reed wins a couple of races and is in the top 4 week in and week out. This does not mean he is kickin ass IMO.
  7. I agree with all the above. I just don't consider that "kickin ass." As I said you are welcome to your opinion. BTW, sorry for the moron comment. A little too much vodka tonight. (Where's the woozy icon)
  8. First of all, I am honored to be at the top of one of your lists in life. Even if it is the the "Gayest Shit I Ever Heard" list. So... You consider Reed's season as "kickin ass?" Yeah he won, so what, I have seen the worst teams/individuals in the NFL, NBA, MLB, my little racing district, etc... win 1-2 races/games/matches etc... Does that mean they where "kickin ass?" IMO, Hell no!!! You are welcome to yours. BTW, If you re-read my post you would realize that I NEVER claimed to be a CHAMP at "kickin ass" at anything. Nice flame, moron.
  9. Yep, he beat 'em straight up. BUT, he still is no where near as fast. You call that kickin' ASS, winning by the 2 best riders going down? I'm sorry, but as a racer(I am not the best by any means, B class top 5, somtimes) anytime I have won when the best riders went down that was not very "kick ass" IMO. When I beat them straight up THAT was a "Kick-ASS." You must have a different definition of "kickin Ass" than I.
  10. @($*)@(#*&)(@&%)@(*$*!)*@&$_*(&!+%&_@(*#%$&w(*&(!@*&)&(%)@!$(@&$)(*&!)@($)!@($& Ing Webcast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. holyroller1

    Thewire live sucks!

    I keep losing the webcast also. Fill out a tech support form and explain your issue. This may help with future issues. You can submit a tech support problem at the bottom of the sxgp.com webcast page or use this link - http://fs3.formsite.com/ccems/form387975302/index.html
  12. I got the tank for $220 plus tax. It lists for $246. I guess it depends on your dealer. I feel I got a decent deal because they got it there in 2 days. I just wanted it by the weekend and they really came through for me.
  13. Thanks Hank. I went ahead and got the Yamaha part even though it was $20 more than the Acerbis tank. What a bunch of crap!!! TT and other dealers have been saying they will get the Acerbis tank "next month" for the last 3 months. I know, that is how long I have been enquiring. If you are looking for this tank I wouldn't count on getting the Acerbis unit anytime soon. I finally got tired of waiting after 3 months. Anyway, I should have my tank sometime next week.
  14. holyroller1

    Does anyone know the size....

    My 06 is 27mm