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  1. Byssan

    thrillbillies song?

    are you talking about KMFDM - WWIII ??
  2. Here is a link how to make a torrent file. and here´s another . And a youtube video that show how to make one Now please help me out guys
  3. COMMON......nobody ??
  4. The first round of canadian motocross 2007 was aired on speed last night, did anybody recordit ?, and please share it with the world "Round 1: Ste. Julie, Sunday Afternoon 1/6/08 @ 5:00 pm" with thanks Binni Iceland
  5. yes please someone put up 2007 season !!!!, 2006 was great.......
  6. Hi I just finished wathcing the Thrillbillies, awesome movie, wish i could live TP´s life Ok but i need the name of the band that is in the trailer of thrillbillies and 199 lives that is on the dvd.....fricking great song ! Anybody know who they are ??
  7. Byssan

    Kind of a pic - google earth link...

    are you sure thats his place........? stange that there isnt a track in his backyard ! but still, here is TP´s place.....nice place he got there 38°56'56.58"N, 76°36'56.85"W
  8. Byssan

    Kind of a pic - google earth link...

    i have......like finding needle in a haystack Still havent found Carmichael´s place in tallahasse
  9. Byssan

    Pic of Cairoli

    you did ? can you show me the link....if its on the net ?
  10. I took this pic @ des nations, i was giving a press pass and got some nice pic´s Here´s one of them The Italian assasin doing what he does best......assasin your fricking eyes
  11. Byssan

    Kind of a pic - google earth link...

    sweeeeeet ! any one have any other directions, like stewarts, langston or others ?
  12. did some one make torrent ......please !!!!!
  13. Byssan

    Red Bull last man standing !

    it look´s like it ????
  14. Hi guys ! Could some one please torrent this after the premier ?? taken from racer x : Last Man Standing To Air On SPEED at Feb 15, 2007 2:26pm - press release - Red Bull Last Man Standing will air on Speed TV on Saturday, February 24 at 9:00pm ET and Tuesday, February 27 at 3:00pm ET. A starting field of 128 featuring many of the world's top off-road racers attempt to conquer 40 miles of some of the toughest terrain they will ever face. Those who complete the first 40 miles will then take on the same course, this time at night, with the course direction reversed. World Enduro champion David Knight turned the Last Man Standing course into his own personal playground in 2005. But after the 2006 race, he called the event the toughest of the year. Tune in to see who is the Last Man Standing!