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  1. skoot22

    LA area weekday riding thread

    I'll be up for some weekday riding. My days off are random so I'll keep an eye on this thread!!
  2. It probably has been longer!! Id have to go back and look at old post. Haha... I've had bikes but didn't get on TT.. Also had a drag banshee for a minute.. But, Yep still doing the railroad thing. Almost 9yrs now. It's easier for me to get off during the week than weekends tho. Just need a day or 2 notice.
  3. Been off Thumpertalk and dirtbikes for a couple years. Been doing a lot of Rock Crawling in my jeep but, Id like to get back on some single track!!! Anyone do any weekday rides? Desert, LPNF, Hungry Valley, or...?
  4. I searched and couldn't find.... Does anyone know if an 04 KX250 Clarke tank will fit and 01 KX250. Id like the way the 04 tank looks a lot better and id also like to update the shrouds too if possible. Any help is appreciated. Thanks Scott
  5. skoot22

    Riding 3/1

    I might be up for Hungry Valley on Monday, let me see what i can figure out, and what this weather does all weekend. I dont really wanna ride in a mud hole.
  6. skoot22

    01 kx250 $1500

    I'll be picking up an 01 KX 250 prolly early next week for $500. All it really needs is the rear shock revalved. Local shop already quoted me $150 to fix it. I'll get some pics up when I get it in my garage.
  7. skoot22

    Whats the Damage Boy's

    Well i went on a ride yesterday. In a tight rocky switchback i fell over and broke my shift lever. Long story short, my shift lever now moves up and down about 6-8 inches and does not shift. I am stuck in 1st gear. I had to ride 25 or so miles all the way back to the truck in first gear. Fun Fun...lol So anyone have any idea's on what i did, or what im looking at as far cost or how labor intensive it will be? Thanks in Advance... Scott
  8. skoot22

    taylorpark,colorado carb setup 2008 crf450x

    The backfire screen does not need to be cut out. It has tabs. Just bend em back and the screen comes off.
  9. skoot22

    High Sierra Recon Run

    Im interested, can i get ur # and address so we can meet at ur house.. Thanks
  10. skoot22

    taylorpark,colorado carb setup 2008 crf450x

    Your gonna be fine with that setup... If you have the chance, order a needle from honda NCVS 16233-MEN-671 run it in the 3rd pos. Ths will make the bottom to mid more crisp. I have ran that needle and setup up to 9500' with no problems... 45 pilot will be fine. Actually i had the 165 main jet in and it worked great. You might have to make a fuel screw and or idle adjustment once you get on the trail and bike warmed up. Also pull the backfire screen if you havn't already. What elevation do you normally ride at?
  11. skoot22

    Kennedy Meadows July 8th-12th

    Kennedy meadows pics in theses links http://crfsonly.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=15575 http://crfsonly.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=15576 http://crfsonly.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=15577 http://crfsonly.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=15578
  12. skoot22

    U.S.F.S. dual sporting without M1 license?

    That is how it was stated to me by a couple rangers, One road was Rancheria, which is 90% dirt. You are allowed to cross but not ride down. I guess a better statement would be, if the road requiers a plate you have to have one, and be of age with a valid M1. Ignorance is not an exception to the law... Something else a ranger has told me...lol
  13. skoot22

    what a great game!!

  14. skoot22

    what a great game!!

    Edit post to not stir the pot