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  1. Too bad you stepped down from the KTM. Had you installed the fan you would had solved your overheating problem. It's all good though, your ridin and happy. One thing I can suggest as a new 525 owner to the others out there is to wrap the header pipe with header tape. Its a graphite, fiber style wrap that keeps the heat inside the pipe. Looks good and is inexpensive. If will also keep the pipe from burning your pants if wearing over the boot type.
  2. OCDK

    getting rid of helmet fog!

    When sight seeing on your DRZ at slow speeds you will experience some lense fog up. To remedy this situation................Ride Faster!!!!!!!!!
  3. OCDK

    suppose you wanted to fab your own exhaust...

    Try Bassani Xhaust, they make exhaust systems but also sell J & U bends in Stainless. They are in Anaheim, Ca.
  4. OCDK

    Painting stock pipe

    Use flat black Hi-Temp BBQ paint. We use this where I work to paint the inside tips of Harley pipes. I also use it on my muffler body to freshen it up. If used on the header it will only burn off.
  5. OCDK

    Shifter tip modification

    Your wacked dude, Ive had this bike since 2005 and lost my manual so I asked what weight! This is a common problem when you have 13 different styles of bikes and actually ride and maintain them all? I bought the product, liked it, and wanted to share with all! Stay down little trick!
  6. Just wanted to let you all know that the Hammerhead designs shift tip replacement is an awsome part. I wore out the stock rubber pc.(DRZ400S) but wanted to keep the aluminum arm. I got the anodized yellow tip that goes on the stock arm, moves it +10mm fwd. If you got size 10.5 + boot size this is worth looking at. www.hammerheaddesigns.com
  7. OCDK

    Oil weight?

    Thanks everyone!
  8. OCDK

    Oil weight?

    What weight oil do you run in the DRZ400S?
  9. Got a DRZ400S and am wondering what is the best weight oil to run in it? Some say 20w-50 others tell me 10w-40?