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  1. DH Diva

    Installing a recluse auto clutch...

    Ditto what Sara said, on all points. I didn't get an autoclutch because I didn't want to learn how to use my clutch. I pegged that skill long ago. I got it because it allows you to ride longer. I don't care who you are or how good of shape your in, after 5-6 hours of hard trail riding, the upper body is starting to get beat. I also have had several upper body injuries (blown out rotator cuff, two broken shoulders, and broken hand, broken wrist). Because of my injuries, most of my grip and steering happens with my left hand. My hand would go numb and ache around 4-5 hours on trail. Got the Rekluse and no more left hand fatigue. Taking away that one lever significantly reduces upper body fatigue over long rides, especially if your riding a lot of technical trail where your constantly using the clutch.
  2. DH Diva

    Left elbow fix rekluse vs Magura

    I think you're going to be stoked on the Rekluse. I got one because I was having problems due to hand/wrist injuries. My left hand would cramp up so bad after 3-4 hours of riding that I could hardly pull the clutch lever in. After putting the Rekluse on my CRF250x I have almost no hand pain, and I have really screwed up hands and wrists. I'm also looking at a potential right hand fusion, which means i'll have to have a custom left side throttle made and getting rid of my clutch lever and figuring out how to ride with the Rekluse now will make that transition that much easier when the day comes. The key to the Rekluse is getting it set up and adjusted properly. Once you get it dialed, it's phenominal.
  3. Update: Tara is back in surgery this morning. Doctors want to put a larger rod in her back to help further stabalize things. She is in good spirits however. So everyone cross their fingers and wish her the best!
  4. Tara Llanes is a professional mountain bike racer, specializing in Downhill, Mountain Cross, and Dual Slalom. She is also a superstar in the world of BMX, where she was a top pro as well, and she also twists the throttle on occassion. This woman rips at everything she does and has inspired so many young women to pick up a bike and ride. And on top of all that, she is just about the nicest person you'll ever meet. She talks to everyone in the pits at races, makes time to sign autographs, and always has a smile on her face. During a Jeep King of the Mountain event this last weekend, Tara crashed and broke her back. She currently doesn't have feeling in her legs but is determined to give it everything she has to fight this injury. She could use all your best thoughts, words of encouragment, and if you're feeling generous, any donations to help her get into a top notch rehab facility. Her friends and family are currently working on putting together a website for fundraising. When I know more I'll post it. You can read about Tara's athletic career at her racing website here: www.tarallanesracing.com And about her current condition and recovery here on her myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/mtbtara Please send her your best and keep her in your thoughts.
  5. DH Diva

    Yay! I'm a winner!

    I love winning auctions!! I won a pair of troy lee women's pants, and a troy lee women's jersey all for $30, including shipping! I love ebay!! Have fun with your super tank! I think that might be on my to get list here shortly. Right after a new exhaust, cam, and a pair of Fasstco Flexx handlebars. Can you tell I'm injured and haven't been able to ride for three months?? I'm buying bike stuff to make myself feel better.
  6. DH Diva

    Noobie riding tips

    Relax! I see a lot of new riders who look really tensed up in the upper body. Relax the shoulders and don't death grip the bars!
  7. DH Diva

    Second hand kids gear?

    There should be a kids gear swap/for sale section in the classifieds. Enough people here have kids and kids grow silly fast so you'd think people would use it.
  8. DH Diva

    Blue Tape War....It has begun

    Put a really thick and really long zip tie around the drive shaft. As soon as they take off they hear an incredible loud, "bangbangbangbanggbang." Funny to watch also, and no real harm done. And then there is the old grease under the door handle. Blocking up (but only by an inch or so) the front end of a front wheel drive car. Takes the driver a while to figure out why the heck their car won't move. We've roped our friends axle to a dumpster. And my most deivious prank: The guys at the bike shop were pranking each other all day. My hubby had pulled the last prank just before I show up to go out to lunch with him. I left my keys on his work bench. While we were gone, one of the guys moved my car and then wouldn't tell me where it was. So to let them all know that they shouldn't prank me to get back at hubby I lithium greased the offenders windshield wipers. It was raining really hard that day. I had the joy of getting to watch as he went outside, got in his car and turned on the wipers. Smear. I also got to watch him stand in the rain and clean it off! The shop boys never pranked my car again.
  9. DH Diva

    Dirtee Girl 2.0

    Glad to hear she's doing well!
  10. DH Diva

    Women's ehem...undergarments...

    Go to a local bike shop (I mean pedal bikes) and try on a couple different models. I don't suggest buying ANYTHING without trying them on. Different companies have drastically different fits and there's no sense wasting whatever your budget is on mailorder shorts you can't try on.
  11. DH Diva

    Women's ehem...undergarments...

    Yup! That's an area of my body that I WILL NOT SKIMP on gear for! You don't even want to know how much my spandex cost....
  12. DH Diva

    Women's ehem...undergarments...

    I would strongly suggest jumping up to the $70 price range. A $25 dollar short is not going to offer you the necessary level of comfort, durability, and wicking that even a $50-$70 short will give you. Cheaper shorts will also have seamed Chamois, and for dirt bike riding, you want seamless! Cheap shorts are cheap for a reason! Same principle as helmets, how much do you love your undercarriage?
  13. DH Diva

    To rekluse or not to rekluse

    I'm all about being able to laugh at yourself every now and then! There was a local guy here some years ago that rode with one arm. He had all his controls on one side of his bars and did a darn good job on the trails. So I know I'll be able to keep riding. Technology is just going to make it so much more comfortable. I saw an article on Shane Watts and his hand injuries. He uses the FastFlexx bars and loves em. I think it's time to start saving up the $$ for a set!
  14. DH Diva

    To rekluse or not to rekluse

    Have you ever heard of Dave Cullinan? He's an ex-pro downhill racer, and now works for Two Brothers Racing. He has a fused left hand and still rocks it on his dirt bike so I'm pretty sure that even with the worst case scenario, I will still be able to ride. Especially with so many great mods for dirt bikes now.
  15. DH Diva

    To rekluse or not to rekluse

    I've had to retell the tale a lot in the last 3 years so it doesn't bother me any more. If anything it's good to talk about it. I used to be a professional downhill mountain bike racer. I was practicing for a national event over in Idaho at Schweitzer mountain. There is a very large chute (near vertical) on the course that you roll up to, can't see the exit because it's so tall, drop into, there is a small drop off in the middle, another chute, and then a really harsh g-out at the bottom. Overall around 30 vertical feet down from the top to the g-out. When I rolled in, I couldn't see that a large piece of shale had cracked off the face of the drop off half way down and was in the landing of said drop off. I came off the drop off, front wheel landed on the shale, and it sent me flying. I didn't touch the ground until the bottom of the g-out where I landed on the top front of my head with my hands in front of my face. So it was about a 15 foot vertical freefall going about 35-40 mph. Mountain rescue carted me off the mountain and off to the hopsital I went. I sustained: -shattered right scaphoid (base bone to the hand) -broken right radius -the radius was sheared off at an angle and severed all the connective tissue on the underside of my wrist -broken right radial ulner joint -permenant nerve damage -right hand was dislocated from the wrist -fractured right elbow -fractured right pointer finger -broken left pisiform (outside base palm bone) -cracked sternum -bruised ribs -blown up right knee -severe bruising on every limb -soft ball size hematoma on my left inside calf -I bruised 1/4 of my skull -concussion with permenant memory loss -cracked a few fillings/teeth -bruised my abdominal wall and liver (My face was bruised from the hair line down to my cheek bones and I had two black eyes for about 6 weeks. I also shattered my goggles, and the pieces pushed in and cut up my face around my eyes. I looked really hot!) I had emergency reconstructive surgery on my right wrist/hand. Nine screws, two plates, a major bone graft harvested from my pelvis, and a 4 inch pine holding my lower hand together. I was in a cast and on morphine for 6 months, spent almost two of that on bed rest. I had a second reconstructive surgery last spring to repair tendon damage and take out the plating as it was rubbing through ligaments and tendons to my fingers. I was wearing a full face helmet and a full body Dainese armor suit. I should have broken my back or neck the way I fell, but miraculously managed to avoid that. I spent 2 years recovering, and now spend most of my time on my dirt bike although I have started racing endurance downhill events on my mountain bike. Tamer courses, longer than the traditional downhill, and more fitness based. So when it comes right down to it, I am very lucky.