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  1. KusoRaceR

    I love my250sxf!

    X2! The more ya ride the thing the better 'n better it gets! I can't wait until mine is dialed in, then even more fun will begin!
  2. KusoRaceR

    Gavin Gracyk has a ride

    Good deal for Gavin! I was also kinda curious as to where Li'l Goose was gonna wind up, so thanks for the info! Can't wait for A-1!
  3. KusoRaceR

    ktm 450 coolant everywhere

    I had the same problem, and the culprit was a faulty radiator cap. The dealership replaced it under warranty and the bike hasn't puked since. As stated before, make sure that ya don't overflow your radiators otherwise you'll see a nice green puddle (or whatever color Engine Ice is).
  4. KusoRaceR

    Crappy first race

    Well, at least you didn't wreck in either one of your motos! That, my friend, is considered a good race...in my book anyway! In my first race, I gave the crowd a FMX improv show off of a double w/ a superman! I landed the "trick" but wound up skiddin' off of the track and tippin' over in the mud much to the crowd's pleasure! Like everyone's been saying: Don't be too tough on yourself and just practice as much as ya can! Figure out what works for you in keeping your endurance up as well, and leave the free style crap to the pros (like me) ! G'luck on your next race!
  5. KusoRaceR

    Brand new bike worries...'07 250SX-F

    Thank you very much! That KTM is by far the sexiest piece of machinery that I have ever owned!
  6. KusoRaceR

    Brand new bike worries...'07 250SX-F

    UPDATE!! Well, I got a phone call from the dealership on Friday stating that my bike was ready for pick up! I asked what the deal was, and the mechanic said that it WAS NOT the head gasket! The supposed culprit was a "bad radiator cap.":excuseme: I asked about the black spoogey stuff leakin' from the head pipe and he said that it was common, especially on a bike that hasn't been completely broken in yet. He told me that when they test rode it there weren't any issues. I test rode the bike today and, to my relief, saw no black gunk anywhere or the puking of coolant. I've only owned one other 4 stroke (YZ250F) and it never smoked on start up or leaked any fluid (aside from coolant from time to time), so naturally when the new bike started in w/ that crap, that raised an eye brow! I'm pleased that the dealership honored the warranty and didn't give me the run around (as far as I know that is...). Thank you all for your feed back! Next thing to do is set up the suspension, jet the bike, ride it as much as possible before the snow comes and then put it away for the winter!
  7. KusoRaceR

    Brand new bike worries...'07 250SX-F

    Well, I can rest a bit easier now because I called the dealer again today and they said that it IS, in fact, covered under the warranty! All I gotta do is bring the bike in so they can tear it down, order parts and take care of business! Good to talk to somone who knows what's going on! I will keep you posted on what they find and what all they did to correct the problem! Thanks for all the responses!
  8. KusoRaceR

    Brand new bike worries...'07 250SX-F

    The black goop kinda smells of a cleaner (sorta like WD-40) mixed w/ oil when it oozes out from the head pipe! I'm puzzled by it too, but hopefully I can get some answers WHEN (not *if*) the damn dealership fixes my bike! I have not touched anything on the bike except the rad. cap when I made the mistake of adding s'more coolant when it was not necessary! I'm gonna make sure everything gets taken care of by the dealership, or else things are gonna get quite unpleasant!!
  9. KusoRaceR

    Brand new bike worries...'07 250SX-F

    I contacted my dealer this afternoon letting them know what was going on w/ my bike, and the fella I spoke w/ sounded pretty unsure of the bike being under warranty even though I know damn well it is! Anyway, he said he'd call me back to give me the skinny on what to do, and he never called me back. I gave them a call to see what the deal was, and found that they had closed up shop until Monday via an answering machine! This sucks! Thank you for the heads up on the coolant level. I had no idea about that! Guess those jokers at the dealership didn't know that fact either, because it blew coolant all over during my first ride at the track! Thanks for the reply, VilleKATOOM!
  10. Hello all; Got a few qustions 'n concerns about my newly acquired 07 250SX-F! Okay, when the bike is fired up I get quite a bit of white smoke comin' outta the exhaust! It smells like the smoke that comes outta my weed eater...like pre-mix or something. I drained the gasoline from the carb and replaced w/ some fresh stuff, but the problem still persists. It goes away after the bike is warmed up. Also, I noticed that there is some pure black gunk comin' from my head pipe during start up as well, which is also a contributor to the smoke screen. It seems to stop oozing out when the bike is warmed up! What the heck is causing this mess?? And, finally, this bike is havin' a heck of a time holdin' its coolant. Any time the bike is revved or just idling, it looks coolant quite profusely through the overflow hose, and it gets all over the head pipe and motor! NOT COOL!!! (No pun intended) I've only taken this bike to the track once, and it ran like a champ! The coolant leakage was (I thought anyway) due to it being over filled, but now I don't know since I've topped the radiator off and it's still leakin'! The white smoke *might* be jettin', but I'm not too sure:excuseme: . The black goop is a new one on me, though. Well, if you have any thoughts or ideas as to what the is happenin' w/ my bike, don't hesitate to respond!! Thanks a billion! -KusoRaceR
  11. KusoRaceR

    Who is your favorite mx rider

    Wey, DV12, Stewart, Mike Alessi, J-Law, Ferry, Short, Metcalfe, Hepler, RC, Dungey, Langston, Byrne, Millsaps 'n Townly are among my fav. riders. I can't stand Josh Grant, "Villopodium" (stupid nick name Sheehan:thumbsdn: ), Tedesco, Hansen, Hill or Reed.
  12. KusoRaceR

    05 YZ250F issues...

    I usually just hit the kill switch to shut the bike off. However, I pulled the choke lever out while the bike was idling and it died. I couldn't get it restarted after that. That's never happened before. I tried using the hot start, but it had no effect on gettin' the bike started. I wish that's all it was so I could be done w/ this B.S. and actually get to ride! Would the float level prevent the bike from starting up? Forgive the question, I'm still kinda learnin' about carbs! I heard that the needle clip doesn't really make much of a difference in performance...is that true? I would imagine, though, that after re-jetting the bike that the needle would probably have to be adjusted accordingly w/ the new settings...right? Well, I ran the bike at WOT and also at some other positions and pulled the plug to find that the tip is black and smells of gasoline! Definitely rich as expected. So, I guess it's another afternoon of adjustments and no seat time...again! :ride: Tan insulator = correct jetting and normal spark plug heat range White = lean mixture and/or hot plug dark = rich mixture and/or cold plug. It may take some time, but you'll really like the bike once it's running correctly.
  13. KusoRaceR

    05 YZ250F issues...

    Okay, The valves are now w/in spec, but my problem still persists w/ the bike being a to start!! So far I've: cleaned my carb; cleaned out the jets (not at all dirty, but better safe than sorry); cleaned the air filter; adjusted the valves; cleaned my spark plug (pretty dark lookin')! I also re-jetted the bike w/ the suggested changes made by our local mechanic in town (see above posting). The bike runs pretty well once it's started, but so far I've only been able to start it by using the push start method. I'm losing patience w/ this bike!! What else am I overlooking?? Thanks for any direction!
  14. KusoRaceR

    05 YZ250F issues...

    Got a question about checkin' the valve clearances: how easily should the feeler guage fit when you're making sure everything is w/in spec?? I'm in the middle of checkin' my valves (first timer) and was curious about that. Very nice write up on this matter, btw! I also called my local dealer and asked what the preferred setting would be for the bike at this elevation, and they suggested a 178 MJ, 60 LJ, and a 45 PJ. Gonna give that a try after the valve check. Also, what would you suggest for the needle clip? It's on the 4th clip according to the manual, so any help would be greatly appreciated!
  15. KusoRaceR

    05 YZ250F issues...

    At my house I think it's very close to being 6k feet. I've only given it gas when it's cold out to get it to start, which is hit or miss some days. About the choke, a friend of mine said that these bikes tend to start better w/ the choke closed, so go figure. He got it started yesterday (after I got another good leg work out) w/ only a few kicks w/ the choke closed. The stock jets have already been posted, but if there is something I missed lemme know!