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  1. No, I'm not mixing two different mods. Sorry for my bad english but what I ment was that this instruction ( http://s18.photobucket.com/albums/b122/byggd/?action=view&current=450cam_Page_1.jpg ) can NOT be the right way to put a yz 450 cam on the wr 400 og 426 either. The pic shows the lombs on both camshaft almost 100% alligned with each other and the pic says that this is how it should look when the yz 450 cam is installed right. If you take a look on a 400 or 426 with stock cam, set for yz timing it wont look like the pic. I think the pic show correct wr timing and not yz.
  2. We did not change the intake cam on the 400 and 426 so I guessed there was no reason to do it on the 450 either but maybe I'm wrong. As far as I can se the only reason to swap the wr cam for a yz on the 450 is because of the autodecomp system on this models. But I cant see how the instructions here http://s18.photobucket.com/albums/b122/byggd/?action=view&current=450cam_Page_1.jpg can be the right way to do it on a 426 or 400 either. If you yz time on of this model by turning the exhaustcam one tooth clockwise it wont look like it says in the linked instrucktion above. It would only look like that if you swap the 00-02 stock wr cam with a 03 450 wr exhaust cam (to get autodecomp on the 400 and 426 models)
  3. Thank for your reply:thumbsup: I think I have it right now so I'l stay with this timing. Not trying to be a smartass but I dont think this instruction http://s18.photobucket.com/albums/b122/byggd/?action=view&current=450cam_Page_1.jpg can be used if you want to yz your wr 450.
  4. Yes the lower timing mark are 100% lined up and the valve clearence is also right. I talked to a mechanics at yamaha scandinavia today and I also mailed him the instructin with pics how to do this ( http://s18.photobucket.com/albums/b122/byggd/?action=view&current=450cam_Page_1.jpg )and he told me that this way to do it was wrong. The cam lombs on the exhaustcam should be pointet/directed a little bit up and not lined exactly opposite with the lomb on the intake cam if you understand what I meen. I had the stock wr camshaft back on again today to compare and stock the lombs are alligned like the pic in the instruction how to set the yz timing correct.... Thinking back on my old wr400 I think that the guy I talked with today is right. When I yz timed this bike I rotated the exhaustcam 1 tooth clockwise, counting 12 pins instead of 13 as it was with stock wr timing. The exhaustvalve on the yz are opening a little bit later than wr timing and they also stands open longer making the filling more optimal. Correct me if I'm wrong. I have now the yz cam on, alligned 100% on all marks as manual says but I only counts 13 chain pins between the upper "allignment marks". Bike pulls strong on mid and top but it feels like I'm loosing a little bit power down low. Think I stay with this timing.
  5. Ok, thanks. I really cant figure out what I'm doing wrong... Can you take a look at pic nr 1 under this link: http://www.eurofoto.no/show_album.php?aid=1569069 On this pic I have done exactly as discribed in the link you posted. It looks right compared to the pics in your link but auto decomp does not work with this allignment/timing. I bought the yz cam from my dealer and the package is marked with the 03 yz part number. Starting to wonder if I got a wrong cam. Was there any differances on the yz exhaustcams year 03-06 or are they all the same?
  6. If I set the timing like that the auto decomp doesnt work... Isnt it anybody here on this forum that have done this mod and can tell me what is the right way to do it?
  7. Thank you for the tips but I already have the yz 450 03 manual. Illustration is exactly the same as in wr manual and does not give me any answer to my questions.. edit: I found this: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=545919&highlight=yz+timing shows 14 pins between the dots and says that you should not trust the dots on the cams and it also shows the right posission of the lombs if you are right on yz timing. Also, does anyone know if the yz's are harder to kick start than a wr 450? Here is how it looks with the cams 100% alligned as manual says (13pins) and how it looks slightly out off allignment (14pins) http://www.eurofoto.no/show_album.php?aid=1569069
  8. I am exactly at TDC. The manual doesnt give pin counts, I'm counting off the illustration. Talking about the dots that dont line exactly up, its the same on this 03 450 with stock cam. On the 400's and 426's you count 13 pins between marks to be sure that you are on wr timing and 12 pins if you are on yz timing. Can anybody tell me if I should count 14 or 13 pins between the dots with yz cam installed?
  9. Yes it is a 03 wr and the yz cam is also from a 03. I am not trying to advance or retard the timing, I'm only trying to get it right with this yz cam installed. As earlier said, if I allign the marks as the manual says I can only count 13 chain pins between the marks. Manual show 14.. If I put it in exactly as the stock cam was I count 14 chain pins as manual says but then the dots are slightly out of allignment. Also, in this possision the engine starts much easily with the electric starter but the kick starter is much harder to kick down than it was stock. If i run it with the marks 100% allign as manual says but with 13 chain pins between the dots its much lighter to pull down the kick starter (as on stock) but its harder to start with the electric starter... What is the right way to set the timing because its impossible to get the cams and chain possisioned as illustrated in the manual.
  10. Have searched this forum for help with timing and I found some tips but I still have some questions about this. Stock the marks on camshaft are not 100% alligned as manual says but I counts 14 pins between the marks as shown in manual. With the yz exhaust cam on I am able to allign the cams 100% as shown in manual exept that I now only can count 13 pins between the marks. Manual show 14 pins between marks... What is the correct setting? Shall the marks on the cams be slightly out of allignment with 14 pins between the marks (as on stock wr 450) or shall it be 100% alligned with 13 pins between the marks (with yz exhaust cam on) Hope someone can give me an answer before I need psycriatic help:crazy: year 2003 wr450
  11. Hi. I'm changing brand. Have sold my wr450f and are looking on 525 exc. I have been offered two bikes the last few days. One with 100 hour on it, the other with aprox 200 hour on. Both are year 2004. The 1st one has been done absolutely nothing with except changing oil/filter. On the other the crank bearing have been changed. Question: What are the service intervall on this bikes and is there something you have to change on the different maintence hour time? At what time is the first "big" service, 100hour, 150 hour or 200 hour and what has to be done? They have not been used as competition bikes. Thank.
  12. poffer

    Pipe characteristics - input please

    ARin, are you shure that you are from nevada and not england? Think you look just like vinnie jones in "lock stock and two smoking barrels"
  13. poffer

    Pipe characteristics - input please

    I have a yoshimura trc carbon and I think its a great pipe. What power characteristics concerne there is only a few words to say: More power all the way! But you have to do the air box mod, rejet carb and on us models cut the grey wire and also remowe throttle stop. Noice spec is 96db on this pipe.
  14. poffer

    wr reliability with yz timing

    What do you meen about proper shims??
  15. Just wondering if my wr engine will last shorter if I change the stock exhaust cam to the on from a yz450f and how reliability would be??? Have heard some that had blown engine on high rpm (piston meets valves)...?