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  1. Cory- TTR-125 2005 fmf powercore4 renthal mcgrath 7/8 bars ejoy flame graphics progrips
  2. is getting some soon, they list the product, but they dont have a price on it yet.
  3. has some nice ones
  4. yeah the kx100 is nice.
  5. get the renthal 7/8 bars, that way you can just put them on without any extra clamps
  6. u used it?
  7. yeah but that's on a tank, with the gas fumes, it will come off, im talkin like fenders and shrouds and stuff.
  8. the best part in the movie is when the girl does the backflip................and when she strips!!!!!!!!hahahaha
  9. k thanx
  10. has anyone tried that krylon fussion paint on their bikes? i wanna know if it works well. hit me up..
  11. yeah i want white ones.
  12. k thanx alot, i appreciate(sp) it
  13. i see, but they will still fit on an 05' right? The other problem is i want the shrouds and the front fender. It just says rear fender
  14. where'd u find that? they don't have it on the acerbis website
  15. aright thanx