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    Traditional Bowhunter, trail riding (dualsport and Mt. bikes), lots of family camping
  1. DS Mountain Goat

    Training for worcs

    Tim knows what he's doing. Should be a great series patterned after the WORCS series. I haven't ridden with with the bikes yet, but I've ridden sweeper for the ATVs. It was a good time. The course is great mix of MX and offroad through the woods and the PROs are a Hoot to watch let alone being on the track with them! BTW, TPQ is my good friend and neighbor.....a real class act along with his family.
  2. DS Mountain Goat

    Dirty Face (How much snow?)

    I can let you know where the route will be since I work with one of the trail sweepers. He will be laying out the course 2 weeks prior to the event. Yes, it is possible that we may ride the Devils Gulch/Mission Ridge area since we did that a few years back. It was a Hoot! One of the better routes. Looking forward to it........
  3. DS Mountain Goat

    Ride Dark Divide while you can

    Hey fellow trail riders, I have been a part time Randle resident for the last 3 years. We bought a place there since we love the area so much. I've been riding the trails in the Dark Divide since 1997 and we bowhunt for the whole month of September in that area as well. I feel that I know the area quite well and don't want to see it closed to motorized use. According to the WTA.org site the Juniper Ridge trail is most at risk of being closed to our uses. If you get a chance to use this trail, please be courteous to hikers and leave a good impression. We actually got a positive report from a hiker on their site a couple years ago. If you haven't tried it, shut your bike off and coast down the trails. It's a blast and feels like you're riding a mountain bike! The hikers will appreciate it too. I'll keep an ear to the ground for trail maintenance parties. Thanks for your support.
  4. DS Mountain Goat

    removing short oil screen bolt

    OK fellow bikers, here's another excellent process to remove a frozen drain plug. Particularly the one that KTM puts in the bottom of the engine case for the short oil screen. I had cracked mine in half trying to remove it and my friend suggested using a vibro-etcher. This is a high frequency air powered tool used to etch lettering or whatever on metal. All you need to do is start an indent by pressing the tool parallel to the bolt axis and a little off center then gradually tilt the tool in the direction to loosen the bolt. The high frequency vibration will gently loosen the threads without causing damage to the threads or engine case. My drain plug was already trashed so I replaced it with the one made by Zip Ty Racing. All went well and I'm back in business. Life is Good!