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  1. Funk

    Mini wars 3-palms 15th houston

    If you guys email me, I can send you the results. anguillen@gmail.com
  2. Funk

    Parker 250 & 450X

    I'm already ready for next year. This was a huge learning experiance and I will better trained next time. I thing kswantz and another guy are going to try Vegas to Reno and then we are both going to iron man the Parker next year. I have some gopro video I'm working on now. I suck, so don't make fun of me to bad. I just need some cool music to make look good like Jesse james in his desert video.
  3. Funk

    Parker 250 & 450X

    He wants to make sure he gets his moneys worth by riding the first two laps. He doesn't want me to wad the bike up and not get his laps in. Its fine with me, I get to finish the race.
  4. Funk

    Parker 250 & 450X

    Thanks for the confidence:ride:, I will have go pro footage I will share when I get back.
  5. Funk

    Parker 250 & 450X

    I will be there racing on a Honda 450R, can you guys please quit talking about how rough it is. I'm a MX guy who has done a few woods/offroad races. This will be my first time in the desert. My partner race Vegas to Reno a few years ago, so he has some experience.
  6. Funk

    Whos kid is this?

    Thats what I'm doing.
  7. Funk

    Whos kid is this?

    Its ok, my wife was happy to see my son went World Wide. So if shes happy, I'm happy.
  8. Funk

    new motocross movie?

    Those two bands just killed it for me.
  9. Funk

    Whos kid is this?

  10. Funk

    Whos kid is this?

    Yes, thats my son, where did you find this picture?
  11. Surprisingly the landing was ok.
  12. Yeah, he will get a helmet soon. That was a spur of the moment thing, so no helmet was around.
  13. I'm trying to right a article on flaggers and I'm looking for pictures of flagger stands. But they seem to be impossible to find on the internet. If anyone has any can you please post some for me, thanks.
  14. Funk

    Look what my Girlfriend got!!!

    We have a thread for this.