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  1. got back into riding recently after a bit of a layoff, recently tried ordering parts for a friends kids PW 50 and discovered that you can no longer get parts because of the lead law. lots and lots of cables are breaking, so do what i did....bicycle cables work well with a bit of ingenuity. got one you cannot repair? contact me for cable repair service, or look up superhunky.com for a how-to!
  2. i've heard that in the past you could get a bike titled and tagged in Delaware and have it transferred to SC, but i think the DOT figured that one out. Back in the day I would take the tag off my little kawasaki 90 streetbike and screw it onto the back fender of my 78 IT 175 and cruise the town like nothing was wrong. i don't think i could get away with that now!
  3. yeah, me and my daughter made a trek there weekend before last. she couldn't finish her last donut so i took care of it for her. lots of stares as we got on what appeared to them to be merely a dirt bike, fired up and blatted away down knox abbot towards the river. i would love to get in down on the trail that runs parallel to the river but i know where that trail leads!
  4. hmmmm, warm weather is around the corner. looks like it's time to dust this ancient thread off and make a trip to KORE to purchase a new helmet and goggles. i wouldn't have to make such a purchase except for the a$$wipes that decided to get into my shop/doghouse/beer parlor and relieve me of the duty of caring for them, along with my daughter's XR 80. they would have made off with my old DR but they weren't smart enough to figure out how to defeat the fork lock. i do get some amusement out of the fact that they passed up on stealing my oscilloscope, shaft alignment dial indicator set and my little three in one mill/drill/lathe. buncha jerkys! at least the RCSD office who investigated my misfortune seemed vaguely interested in my desire to get the 80 back as opposed to just taking my statement and driving it to the Krispy Kreme in W. Columbia to be used as a napkin. Grrrr........
  5. Manchester SF in Wedgefield isn't terribly bad, not sure if they are open that time of the year, tho. your best bet is Carolina Adventure World up near Winnsboro.
  6. yeah, you gotta watch out for the crunched up buick! it only took me 2 months to get the courage up to attempt it, and then it was three tries before i made it up. it isn't as bad as it looks. if you are at the top of that hill there is a trail on your right if you are facing the hill that goes down. it is tons of fun to blast that way up the hill and then go down the rocky face. dadblame it, i'm gonna have to go back out there now!
  7. have ya tackled the hillclimb in there, the one with the red iron ore looking rocks? haven't been in there in a good eight or nine months......
  8. hey Ivan....long time no see! i went in at the end of the road beside Bernies Chicken. not much in there but will ultimately be added to my "metro" loop of urban trails.
  9. ok, so i've finally gotten off my duff and started riding again. went back to the trail down off bluff road sunday morning and met a group of equestrian types on a trail ride....didn't see them soon enough and spooked the lead horse. of course, the newbie in the saddle didn't have presence of mind to hang on and got bucked off into a huge thicket of briars. i helped her up, made sure she was ok and had to push the bike out to avoid spooking them again. gaah, i even had the quiet core in the megamax.....must be some easily spooked horses. i went back down there this afternoon, rode the creek for a while til it reached a confluence of another creek and got too deep to continue....oh well. it was fun splish-splashing around in there, though. i guess it's about time to finally check out CAW.
  10. sounds good.....i'll bring my pack mule and the ole cotton trailer!
  11. yeah, i feel horrible for not pitching in and helping out on workdays at manchester. work obligations and a part-time obligation as a musician has kept me out of the saddle for long enough!
  12. heh, kinda funny how everyone seems to remember her yelling about speeding!
  13. this was in the State newspaper today. Barbara, you are a cantankerous little woman but I salute you!!! • All-terrain vehicle group seeks meeting All-terrain vehicle recreation has been a wonderful way for families to share the outdoors for more than 20 years. Gov. Mark Sanford recently vetoed Chandler’s Law out of concern for parental and personal rights. The off-highway vehicle community recognizes a need for regulation, but the input from this community needs to be addressed. As the owner of TNT Motorsports, the state representative to the National Off-Highway Conservation Council, a former certified ATV safety instructor and former member of the Trails Advisory Board, I have offered to co-host a meeting with South Carolina Off Road Enthusiasts at my park, provide ATVs and the certified instructors to give a safety course and discuss the issues with legislators who would like to have good, solid facts to make good, solid decisions. Only two representatives and Gov. Sanford have returned my calls and listened to my concerns. The offer still stands. South Carolina Off Road Enthusiasts and I would like to invite the legislators to see an ATV safety class and talk about the issues and make Chandler’s Law one that serves the public in a fair and informed way. BARBARA L. PARRISH Chester
  14. ivan, did you buy a dualsport bike? whitmire is near Enoree OHV isn't it? i remember taking a girl there back in 1984 after she missed her ride home from univ. of sc. out in the middle of the woods it was!
  15. Did a little exploring out near the intersection of Leesburg Rd. and 601 yesterday. According to Google Earth, there is a big hill across 601 from Leesburg.....never could get to it, too many posted signs. I'm gonna try again later this afternoon, perhaps with a bit more satellite photo studying I can find a way in.