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  1. I have been running the JD jet kit for awhile now but I am upgrading the exhaust(Yoshimura TRC COMP) and removing the backfire screen on the filter. I will also be completing the air box mod. (Prior to this I had only cut the top.) I currently run a 162 main as recommended in the instructions due to the altitude. I ride at about 6,000 ft. With all these mods should I now increase the main to a 170 or mayber use the 165?
  2. 450X_Fanatic

    No Toil and Backfire screen

    I use No Toil and have heard a lot about removing the backfire screen. The No Toil is not a petroleum based oil and non flammable. I want to remove the backfire screen but I am concerned about it. Any one out there with this setup? Any problems/issues?
  3. JD, I can't locate the instruction sheet that came with 450X JD Jetting kit. At what Temp should I move to the blue needle? I ride at about 6,000 - 7,000 ft. Also how can I get another instruction sheet? Can you send me one via e-mail? Thanks.
  4. 450X_Fanatic

    Looking for a new rear tire

    What is the main difference between a 110/100 rear tire and 120/100 rear tire? Can I run run a 120 on my 450X without problems? I ride a lot of sand arroyos, whoops and stuff so I am considering getting a 120. I figure the added width will give me more drive. Any thoughts, ideas, comments?
  5. 450X_Fanatic

    Easiest jetting dial-in ever for me.

    The JD Jetting kit is on of the best purchases I have made for my 450X. I had read all the postings on jetting setup and was frankly worried it would take a long time of setup and testing to get it right. I ordered the kit, installed as instructed, cut the air box and BAM! it was spot on. No Fuss No Muss. I would highly recommend it.
  6. A quick update on the install, I rode out in the desert this weekend and everything ran great. Response was much cleaner than stock and no sign of bog or the dead spot. I lugged it through the technical section and revved it to the moon on the flat straight with no problems. The only change I made from my original setup was that I set the air screw at the recommended 1 1/8 turns out. The JD Jetting kit made it very simple to get the jetting right. I just followed the instructions and it worked. How often can you say that about a product. I would recommend this kit to anyone. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the quick reply. I checked the link you had and it looks like it just goes to a test site. Do you have the full url or another link?
  8. Just completed the install of the JD jetting kit for my 450X and the Zip Ty Air Screw. I installed the recommended needle (Red, pos 4) and jet (162) for my altitude. I normaly ride at about 5800'. I have also modified the air box by cutting off about half of the top. Basically I cut from the battery box forward following the Honda tech tip lines. My air screw is set to 1 1/2 out. Stock air filter. There is a huge improvement in cold starting and in my limited garage test it generally responds better as well. There is still, however, a "dead" spot right above idle. This was also there before the mod. Applying throttle quickly causes it to bog and it even died once or twice. How can this be resolved? Is my air screw position correct and does the air screw even affect this? I will be giving it the full on ride test this week. Thanks in advance.