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  1. CAW? I'm not sure if the Sgt. Major is going to let me out on Father's day weekend. Sounded like she had plans for the fam - I've been working out of town so I haven't been home for much other than sleep most of this week. I'll check on what the plans are, I'd like to get at least a morning - noon ride in if at all possible. You guys were a lot of fun but, I gotta' live with her and as the old adage states..."If Mommy ain't happy...NOBODY is happy!"
  2. Is Grizzly Hill the one we stopped at first thing? Down in the mud basin that was starting to dry up? I think that is probably where I missed you guys at the end of the last loop. Looking at the map there is a turn off from 25 somewhere that goes to it - I must have buzzed right on by. Bummer, I would like to have seen you take a shot at that - those are some serious hills. A bit more than I'm prepared to sack up for - kudo's to you.
  3. Hey guys, I'll second the motion of a good ride! Great group of guys, it was a pleasure to meet you all. It was HOT and dusty but, it was a good day of riding. Wish I could have handled a little more but, I was flat out toasted after our last loop. The heat really kicked my butt. Had a blast though, look forward to the next ride! -wade
  4. Looking forward to it. At the end of the day, as long as it was a lot of fun, I'm dirty, I haven't earned the crown of "most glorious crash", and I've learned something to get better it'll be a good day. What time will you guys plan on rolling out to ride? I'm gathering it will be an early AM start to beat the afternoon heat? Trying to gauge leave times as it looks like about a 1.5 hr drive.
  5. -wade
  6. Great! Much appreciated - I'm definately sweaty, have a penchant for dropping foul language bombs at inopportune moments, and have been known to wear dirt extremely well so I shouldn't stand out too drastically. I'll look for you guys in the back corner, I'll be in a Black Silverado with my spankalicious newtome KTM (I finally came out, I've gone orange and I don't care who knows!). Barring any unforeseen veto's by the Sgt. Major I'll be there. -wade
  7. Hey guys, wondering if you would mind another rider tagging along on Saturday? I've been away from riding for about a year and recently replaced my WR with a KTM. I hooked up with GMOSS and a few others last year just briefly prior to selling my bike (worst decision ever). I finally got that mistake rectified with the new bike (new to me anyway) and ready to go. If you guys don't mind another I'd like to put some faces to names and meet a few of you guys (plus get some ground poundin' in!). Let me know if it works for you, if not no worries.
  8. Anyone planning on being at Brushy on Sunday?
  9. It's possible...I leaned away from that theory only because the KTM had a worked suspension for a heavier rider. The WR was stock, I'm significantly heavier than the stock settings for the WR (at least 2X) and still above what the KTM was set for but, the KTM's suspension work was closer. I've seen discussion about the Gyro effect of the long stroke...it isn't something that would keep me from getting it, just wondering if it is something that needs to be accounted for or a just get used to/will adapt to type of thing? I've been riding long enough to know I'll adapt to it one way or another...just want to speed the learning curve and putting out a topic for some thought/discussion. Thanks for the reply.
  10. Kind of an odd question and I'm not sure if there is really an anwer for it but, I figure this is the place to pose it for thoughts. I'm going to be getting a big bore KTM (525), an older model with the long stroke. The only thing that gives me any kind of pause is the noticeable Gyro effect of the long stroke. I've ridden them before and it was slightly unsettling. My question for you all: Is there a technique or practice to use to help adapt or compensate for this? I'm coming off a WR450 but, it didn't have nearly the Gyro feel as the 525 did...just wondering if this is a characteristic of those bikes you just sort of learn to adapt to or if there is some trick to compensating for it. It might be something people learn to do unconsciously which is why I say there might not really be an anwer for it but, if anyone has encountered this and 'logified' some kind of solution I'd appreciate your feedback. All thoughts are welcome...thanks all!
  11. Never mind - used better search criteria and found some additional posts that detail a lot more. Sorry for the redundancy.
  12. Hey all, looking for overall opinions on the new 530. I'm looking to get a big bore KTM and waffling whether I should keep looking for a good 05' - 07' 525 or bite the bullet and do the 530? It seems that there are multiple problems being discussed with the 530. Having a hard time deciphering if that is truly the norm (trend) or if the 'problem discussions' are just momentarily outweighing the more prominent 'happily satisfieds'? Anyway, In addition to the above what is everyone's opinion on what needs to be done to a new 530 to get it opened up and running clean? I can't break the bank on this or Mama will make life miserable! It's restricted in exhaust, its jetted lean, what else? What's been successful and what are the pitfalls to be aware of to avoid already identified problems? First KTM so I'm not familiar with the idiosyncrasies. Buddy has an '06 525 and I've been envying that bike since the first time I rode it...my time is fast approaching just trying to get all my ducks sorted before making the plunge. Thanks!!
  13. Thank you!! Exactly what I was hoping for! Much appreciated all!
  14. Anybody have any input? Would appreciate any thoughts/feedback - thanks in advance!
  15. Vertical...pretty much a rock wall. Lots of that type terrain in the area and they have used them most every year. I can sort of visualize the process of "bouncing" the bike just as you pull a wheelie and the rebound of the suspension would hop the rear. If the front clears, and you have some forward momentun, as the rear hits/bites the face centrifigul (sp?) force will bring the front down on the top (theoretically). At which point you would almost attack it much like a large log, the physics should apply in much the same way (combine the rebound of hitting the face with the readjustment of the bikes position in space it almost pops/drives the rear up and your momentum can carry you forward). Again, in theory... Not sure if my logic/analysis of this is on the right track though...thanks for your input!!