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  1. CheYuen

    Valve check help

    Thank you grayracer513 and stevethe. I'm not sure how I bungled that even after re-checking. Intake and exhaust clearances are on the snug side but within spec. I will most likely re-shim next go round. Thanks again.
  2. CheYuen

    Valve check help

    I have a 2005 WR 450 and am attempting to check the valves. I have aligned the timing marks: which orients the camshaft dimples like this: and the cam lobes like this: At this point I have no clearance. Per the manual, I rotated the crankshaft one turn which makes the cam lobes point different directions, the camshaft dimples not even with the crankcase, and the timing mark unseen. Which position is correct to check valve clearance?
  3. I need info. on Georgia. I have a 2005 WR 450 that I want to get plated when I move there. Anyone who has done it or has any information about it, please let me know.
  4. CheYuen

    Georgia Georgia dual-sport laws

    Is it possible to get a 2005 WR 450 dual sported in Georgia? I can't find any info. on what is required to make it street legal (if it is even possible). Thanks!
  5. Using an aftermarket spring and having it re-valved, could a WR shock be tuned to be like a YZ shock?
  6. CheYuen

    valve check

    Thanks erickdj. That is one tight fit! How important is it to apply gasket sealer to the valve cover? I can just see it getting all over inside as I try to put the cover back in place.
  7. CheYuen

    valve check

    Where exactly am I supposed to be inserting the feeler gauge? I have everything apart and can't discern from the manual exactly where the gap is that I'm checking.
  8. CheYuen

    Triple clamp torque specs?

    ?? What does this mean? Should I be applying some sort of lube upon reassembly?
  9. CheYuen

    Goggle lens tint

    Thanks everyone! I read the write up on Scotts lenses but wanted to hear from those that have tried different combinations. Has anyone had any experience with Oakley lens tints?
  10. I ride California desert and find it difficult to distinguish contours and texture in the ground any time of the sun is over head (after morning and before sunset). I have used clear lenses and smoke tinted lenses, but I understand that colors like amber, blue, and red will do different things for you. Does anyone have a tint that works well in these conditions to bring out more detail?
  11. CheYuen

    Picking a handlebar brand

    I totally agree and would highly recommend the KX high. I'm shorter than you guys at 5'11" and went for the KX high and I love it. I ride CA desert and stand almost all the time now. The extra height coupled with the 1 1/8" mounts, they stand a lot taller than what I had stock (WR 450). I wouldn't worry so much about brand/price as I would about the bar that fits you and your riding style. Take a look at the diagram here to see the relation of sweep, rise, and height. http://www.renthal.com/File/product2d.asp?productid=0&tabtype=5&zone=&biketype=&manufacturer=&model=&bikedate=
  12. CheYuen

    Mixing oil

    Is there a problem with mixing regular oil and a synthetic blend oil? They are both the same brand and same weight. Wouldn't mixing the two just make a less synthetic blend?
  13. CheYuen

    Swing arm removal

    I got it off! Thanks for all of your input. I don't have an impact wrench and couldn't find the penetrating oil, so I got a longer breaker bar and yanked the crap out of it. I impacted it myself . . . almost impacting my face on the garage floor . . . but in the end I won and the nut lost. Thanks again guys
  14. CheYuen

    Fork bleeding

    When should I bleed my forks? I have never paid much attention to the fork bleeders. Today, before my race, I put my bike up on the stand and bled the air out of the forks. My bike seemed to handle much better. What exactly does bleeding the air out of the forks, or letting air in for that matter, do to the shocks performance? Should I bleed them cold or after I've warmed them up? Should the bike be under it's own weight or up on a stand? Thanks everybody!
  15. CheYuen

    Melting Plastic!!!

    Hardware stores is where I found it. The stuff sold at the automotive store was very expensive. Look in the ducting aisle and you should find a few kinds of inexpensice heat reflective tape.