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  1. Dhonda40


    Ok what would it cost to make me a set thanks.
  2. Dhonda40


    Those things look sick where did you get those?.
  3. Dhonda40

    Spoke mags

    Hey bykas saw you last weekend at coos bay tried to catch up with you guys but lost you guys in the trails somewhere. Your bike looked bad ass, the wheels looked like mag wheels are you going to be selling these. I would be interested in a closer look thanks.
  4. Dhonda40

    Yz 250 Ready for racing this year!

    Nice bike looks good you should look into these cool spoke covers i got some and really like them. You can check them out at www.bykas.com. I think blue would really look good.
  5. http://s1242.photobucket.com/albums/gg523/dhonda41/This fat paddle kicks butt and the spoke wraps look bad ass. sorry can't figure out how to post pics. www.bykas.com
  6. Dhonda40

    Which Year CRF 450 is the best?

    2007 or 2008
  7. Dhonda40

    aftermarket battery pack

    I am looking for a link to a company that makes a battery pack for a 450x that is lighter than the stock battery and is suppose to be good for over 100 starts on one charge. I saw it somewhere awhile ago just can't find any info on it.
  8. Dhonda40


    Hey guys i got a 450 x and a 450r and i'm not happy about not being able to snap the gas like my 450r the bike just dies you have to roll into it for it to go. Now i know that you can cut the airbox and rejet the carb and i did rejet the carb but i wondering about this cam for the carb that motosport sells for 100 bucks that looks like you don't have to do the o ring trick it is a replacement piece. And i also know about putting a 450r cam in the bike just want to know if cutting the air box and that cam for the carb will bring me some snap in the throttle delay. Doug.
  9. Dhonda40

    new bike lags major

    I got one too from hillsboro motosports my bike ran like crap too. I changed the pilot jet to a 42 i think and 1 3/4 to 2 on idle screw and crf450r main needle on 2nd down form the top. My bike would not even idle when i got home and it would pop and backfire. Now it will idle after 15 seconds of choke. I have a 2004 crf450r and they warm up way faster. The x takes longer to warm up i'm thinking the bigger radiators might have something to do with it.
  10. Dhonda40

    Did Santa hook you up?

    Santa brought me a new 06 crf450x! Thanks santa.
  11. Dhonda40

    warm up time with choke on

    I just got a new 2006 crf450x and the bike does not want to stay running at idle when first fired up seems like it takes forever to warm up. Also i was getting a lot of pop and backfire if i cracked the throttle a little to fast while trying to ride it to soon. I have a 2004 crf450 and it doesnt seem to do that. What is the correct idle mixture 1 3/4. Sorry new to the 450x . Also how long can you warm it up with the choke on?. Thanks guys for the advice.