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  1. Yeah, I know, it's just something I've seen people do. I jet the same whether I use 32:1, or 50:1. Like I said before, I NEVER mixed my 125SX at 32:1, because that was outside the recommended amount for oil. It said to use more oil if it was a lower quality, but I always used synthetic.
  2. Suspension looks 100 times better from the video. if it was an older KTM is would be jack hammering over the bumps, and would just be less controled all around.
  3. DLC forks look like this. Ooh, ahh, looks like works forks. I have an 02 Cr125 Husky, it's a really nice bike. The older Huskies are really nice too. Especially the ones with the silver tanks.
  4. At 32:1 you have to have tiny jetting to run clean over 85 degrees. I don't like how bikes rev out with small jetting, so I use larger jetting and 50:1. We could go back and forth all day. The important thing is you give the bike the lubrication it needs one way or another.
  5. The first test is finally here! Seems like they really like the bike.,13190,1220048,00.html
  6. The 07 has anodized hubs to match the triple clamps, as well as DLC coated fork legs. It looks super trick!
  7. it's only the 450.
  8. It's Probably Alex Puzar. He won a 125 world championship on a Husky and I think he still tests bikes for them.
  9. He races a 525 in the World Enduro Races.
  10. Is the reed cage still for sale?
  11. They were black. They made the bike look SOO trick.
  12. No, its not street legal, actually, most of the bike is "not legal" the only mods on our little thumper are airbox revamp, and some exhaust pipe mods. Oh yea, we replaced those recycled pepsi can bars for some renthals.
  13. Hey dumos, make sure you ride with your helmet on on the rode, im not going to put your brain back in your head for you and try to explain it to mom. You know I love you little bro, just wear it on the street, I dont want to see you on the street again in my rear-view with you going 40 without a helmet.
  14. Seriousely, these people need to get a life. Didnt Arnold(The governator) say that the he was going to make more things for kids do to? How about dirtbikes. Why does there need to be such high standards. I mean I know CA has big cities and poor air quality, but last time i checked there werent teams of dirtbikes riding all over San Fansisco. Why dont lawn mowers and leaf blowers have emision laws like bikes, theres prabably 10x more gardening products than dirtbikes. Hey look I'm 18, dont do drugs or get in trouble with the law, I dirtbike. Just let us ride. Agree, or want to save the trees? Let me know.
  15. Haha, just messing with you guys, you know i have to go back to a 4 stroke, I'll prabably get a "TE" 250 from my dealer thats actually a TC, so i can have full power all year long. The EPA can burn for all I care. Hey look, im 18, I dont do drugs and dont get in trouble. I have something to do, its called dirtbiking.