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  1. mollenbu

    05' crf250x - Jetting needle

    Oh...I will have plenty more where that come from! Mark
  2. mollenbu

    05' crf250x - Jetting needle

    Ok, now I know my problem. I didn't remove the allen set screw. I read that in the instructions, but was not sure which allen screw they were talking about. Makes sense...ignorant me! Chalk another one up. Also, I tried to remove the 3 bolts that connect the frame to the cylinder, but one of the bolts was so tight I didn't even want to bother. I guess moving the cylinder and the frame around would loosen that up a little. If I don't have to, I won't bother... Thanks, much appreciated to all who responded.
  3. mollenbu

    05' crf250x - Jetting needle

    I loosened both sides of the carb and turned it so that I could remove the allen bolts. Even with the carb turned as far it will go, I am still having problems removing the stock needle with the given tool that came with the bike. This is my first bike and obviously my first time changing the jetting. Is it normal for it to be so hard to remove the needle? Any tips would be MUCH appreciated... Thanks