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  1. I agree with almost everything you said, but I don't think that the government could change too much because there is too many dirtbike riders, sure its nothing compared to car drivers but theres still a hell of a lot of dirtbikers. Over here in Australia over 7 out of every 100 people has a motorcycle licence, yes, most are road bike riders but think of all the unlicensed dirtbikers. and I would think the numbers would be the same in USA. I still think that its a worry that things could become more restrictive, so I think joining a motorcycle rights group is probably one of the best things you can do. Stock mufflers are good too, but I have an after-market muffler and its not really all that noisy.
  2. I agree, for some reason I absoulutly can't stand names/nicknames that repeat the same sound. Cheers, Felix
  3. I wear a small, but a have a narrow head and the padding started to press on my forehead. Oh well, Ill keep my V3 for a while. Cheers, Felix
  4. After all these hard decisions I went to get a helmet today and the fox pro pilot and hjc helmets didn't fit me well so I ended up putting a deposit on a V3...why do the bloody expensive ones fit me best Cheers, Felix
  5. Nice pic!
  6. Dont worry, its not meant to only be motocross pics. BTQ - nice pics! I like the canyon
  7. The hjc's seem like great value, but i find that they don't have enough padding in some areas. Cheers, Felix
  8. I know, but genrally the cheaper helmets are worse. I took the foam out of my cheapish helmet and saw parts of it that were hand-cut with a knife or somthing. Then i decided to get a propper helmet. Cheers, Felix
  9. Cool Pics!
  10. Nice shots! Your making my shots look like crap!
  11. I don't mean to be a party-pooper, but i think its best to stick with the higher priced and higher quality helmets if not only for safety.
  12. Yeah, the HJC's look like great value, but i have narrow head, what fox do you have V3? Cheers, Felix
  13. Id say go the wr, no point getting an under-powered bike and then having to replace it in 6 months. It happened to me, and im 16 and get $10 an hour so it wasn't a good experience. Cheers, Felix
  14. I was wondeing what people think is the best helmet for under $200, HJC? Fox? Post your opinion and a reason. Cheers, Felix
  15. Helmet?? Im a quad rider and I wear a SNELL (Stupid No-good Enormas Lousy Locals) approved bandanna and carry a SNELL approved beer at all times. Only Kidding Felix