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  1. RIp in peace Andy, You were a true champ of the sport and are a great south australian.
  2. I am from South Oz, not too many good riding spots (that i am aware of) if anyone knows of a good spot let me know. Riding a 520 ktm yeeahhhh haaaaa
  3. I have a ktm 520 01 and it makes the same sound. Im pretty sure its normal mate.
  4. Just a quick question. I have a 2001 520 exc which has a stock (white) gas tank on it, i was wondering if the 2004 fuel tanks off a 450 or 525 would fit my bike? as i want to slim it down and give my bike a newer look. I know i will need new rad guards but will the tank bolt onto the bike. cheers G_Banger
  5. nice work. i got a 520 do you have any mods you would reccommend