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  1. akis

    DRZ Cup Supermoto Race Photos

    Yeah, I still drop in from time to time.Here's a photo from last month's racing showing that the "orange" swap seemed to improve my place in the pack
  2. akis

    DRZ Cup Supermoto Race Photos

    It was from a late model RM250 IIRC.
  3. akis

    DRZ Cup Supermoto Race Photos

    Been a while.... I'm still enjoying "orange", but here's a class photo of another TT'er Gary Bathgate who is still racing his DRZ with us (and beating me!) - check out this "backing it in" action on the old heavy DRZ. Nice!
  4. Yeah I was surprised at the results first time out, which made me think this bike swap was the right decision Think I got a bit over confident though LOL. Bummer for your rider, especially as it was only at the start of the day in qualifying!
  5. Yeah, very happy with the bike... and know what you mean about crashing... after my 2 months off last season with 6 broken ribs. I had visions of the same dring this crash.
  6. Here's some photos (by others) from the pro/elites class... How low can you go!
  7. Better later than never.... My first ride at all on the KTM was at the Friday Crail trackday before the British Champs being held at Crail (26/27/28 June). Had about 30-40 mins max time on the bike on this Friday... incl a high speed lowside to wake me up a bit! First impressions of the 450SX were WOW! Power wheelies and exit slides all over the place, incredibly light, and less work on track than the DRZ (all obvious I guess). I was then persuaded/armtwisted in entering the British Championship "SM Cup" class.... and so I did! Just the Sunday though. I had planned on just keeping doing only the Scottish Champs this year but decided why not just have a go. Saturday I wasn't racing (although everyone tried to presuade me, but I held firm!) so got to relax and just spectate, watching the Pro Clas was amazing and top entertainment (Iddon, Winstanley, Etc). Also spied on the SM Cup class that I'd be racing in on Sunday to scope the lines folk were taking and stuff Sunday, up and ready for signing on at 7am.... shi$@ing myself bigtime by this point I have to admit after only 30 mins on this new KTM and jumping straight into my first British Champs race Got signed on etc and then hung about till my groups 10 min free practice session... went well and felt comfy on the bike but was a bit daunting out on track with 25 very fast riders at once. Then came my group's 20 min qualifying... went out and pootled around for 2 laps then found a mate that's faster then me and hung on his coat tails for 3 laps, right on his back wheel (which is a first with him, so already faster then the DRZ).... came in and checked the timing screens... I had beat his best time by 1/10th of a second Ended up qualifying 19th of 25 so surprised and chuffed (but still nervous as hell). Race 1 Holy shit, adrenaline overload on the grid (way more than the Scottish Races)... got away clean then on the second corner a couple of folk tangle and we all ride around them... good race but I was getting REALLY exhausted and started thinking these 15 lap races (compared to our club 10 or 12 ones) were going to be too much... almost retired... but then the last lap came out and so hung on and ended up finishing 18th. That'll do... especially since I was starting to 'properly' back the bike into the corners. Race 2 More relaxed and better start, so not as tired through the race, was in 17th until I accidently let 2 riders through (that I was in front of) on the blue flag when the leaders came thrugh to lap us. So ended up with 19th same as my grid start. Happy with that, but hacked off at the blueflag thing. Race 3 (the one with the DNF crash) Most relaxed race of the day, settled in to a good battle with another Scot with us swapping positions (16th/17th) 2 or 3 times per lap, all going great until I overcooked the sliding into the fastest turn from about 70mph... down the gears, drop the clutch, let the slipper do its magic, got the backing in slide going, good, good, whoaaaa... great, I'm sliding better than ever, feck me full opposite lock sliding into the corner, cool, I'm great, oh, oh, OH, ****, ****, arghhhh.... HIGHSIDE!... bars rebound, ooof... my gut/ribs, oh I've hung on!, oh feck now I'm airbourne, oh look here comes the gravel trap.... pffft pfftt cough spit, oh I appear to have faceplanted into the gravel at a good speed... hmmm, sore chest but I've survived, oh good But hang on WINDED! can't move. Then my mate and a marshal came over... "DONT MOVE" they shout, I'm shouting "get my helmet off me... I'm fine but I'm eating kittyliter here and can't breathe". Helmet off, that's better, "can you move they say". <have a go - nothing> "er no I can't" still winded.... eventually they drag me out the gravel and I ask for a help up... hoorah I can stand and walk again... I'm fine Outcome was just a big winding and one or two more bruised/bust ribs. Anyway, for the first time on the ktm and first time 'properly' I was geting the sliding/backing it into corners thing sorted I knew it would involve crashing while learning, so fair enough... but hope to master it soon. The races will be on TV on the Extreme Channel at some point. So the verdict is... LOVE the new bike All that said, I still won't hear a bad word against DRZs - when I was riding road/commuting as well as track days and racing it was ideal. But now I'm racing/track only it made sense to get a full on track SM. I'll miss my yellow DRZ Some photos... Photos catching 2nd half of crash sequence LOL
  8. akis


    Told you! Glad it went to a good appreciative home RIP My DRZ racing days Hello my KTM racing days Even having gone to the 'orange' side... I still won't hear a bad word about DRZs though!
  9. akis

    Exhaust question - for UK MOT

    No. That requirement was deleted in the past year or two AFAIK
  10. Yeah, I'll still drop by and report on the scottish sm and how the other DRZs are doing
  11. SAD NEWS After last race weekend I made the decision not to ride on the roads anymore, just keep the bike for racing.... following thatb I decided I may as well go for a true track bike if not riding roads... so have a done a deal with another club member to buy his.... KTM. Yes, I'm going orange If I want to see how far I can go in terms of results I need to do this or will always be wondering. The DRZ has been great but time to try orange. So as a result I've lots of DRZ stuff coming up for sale for UK'ers, including the new BIG BREMBO 4 POT SETUP that's only done 2 race weekends! Keep an eye on eBay or PM me. My spare wheels are also for sale but I think already snapped up (TBC). The bike itself (05 with 12K), in perfect mech order, with all bling etc incl samco hoses, SFC clutch cover, Renthals, 320 Braking disc, etc etc... is... wait for it... for sale for the first £1500 cash that gets put in my hand and has a few folk already interested - low price as I don't want eBay hassles if I can avoid them and I need a fast sale to recover cash quick. If I've not sold by sat then it'll be on eBay by Sunday. Cheers Ant. EDIT - Some of the stuff is listed on our scottish forum - http://scottishsupermo.10.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=1331 EDIT 2 Bike now sold, that was quick
  12. A few to start with... more coming soon. 3 DRZs are #35, #27 and #33
  13. No long back.... Had a great sunny weekend and reasonable results. Saturday Races, B Group - Pole on Grid - 1st, 2nd, 2nd = 2nd overall Sunday Races, B Group - 8th on Grid - 3rd, 7th, 6th (not sure yet on overall). Gary on his DRZ was on Fire and beat me to the DRZ cup for the day again - well deserved too He also got 3rd overall on the sunday in the B Group. Hmmm the 19 years years less he has on me are beginning to show. The 3 DRZs are getting good results against more and more pukka sm's Will post photos tomorrow.
  14. Scottish Supermoto Championship 2009 ROUND 3 Saturday: S3 and Open (S1/2) class races, and 4 XP trackday sessions Sunday: Scottish Championship races incorporating S1 (incl DRZ Cup) and S2 classes More info available online at www.ScottishSupermoto.com Spectators welcome with free entry to all club events. Some photos from the last round... And incorporating the Saltire Suzuki DRZ Cup... including #35, #27 and #33 below...
  15. Scottish Supermoto Championship 2009 ROUND 3 Saturday: S3 and Open (S1/2) class races, and 4 XP trackday sessions Sunday: Scottish Championship races incorporating S1 (incl DRZ Cup) and S2 classes More info available online at www.ScottishSupermoto.com Spectators welcome with free entry to all club events. And incorporating the Saltire Suzuki DRZ Cup...