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  1. Thats not alot of air at all. So anyone who would photoshop that would be wasting their time. If they are that good they would be photoshopping a whip on a 100 ft jump. And plus, since it is that good on the body and everything, why slack off on the back wheel. Its 100% real.
  2. Some how my airfiler was on wronge, im talking off by like a millimeter and made my bike die. Idk, just a thought.
  3. Ive been searching non stop to find radiator hoses for my bike. My luck is very shallow. Does anyone know where i can get new hoses?!? I wanted colored but with how hard it is to find them im thinking ill settle for black! Thanks.
  4. What is it?
  5. That is what the guy who fixed it said COULD POSSIBLY happen. BUT... Ive gone a year and a half easily with out never having valve problems. So we think their is a good chance she will hold up. If not, ill do what i have to do...
  6. Just a quick FYI. Checked the bike, it was the left intake valve. Shimmed it and now it runs perfect.
  7. Yes i was just about to say the left intake valve. Im tearing my bike apart tommorow due to the same problem.
  8. Wow, i just tool mine apart yeasterday! The boot goes in where the airfilter normally is. So technically it goes throught it. And their is also a little plate that bots on the back with 5 bolts to secure it..
  9. Nice, i was getting sick twords the end. No sound?
  10. Hes gonna Google their name and look for naked pics of them!
  11. Its also illegal on pro level.
  12. http://www.herculiner.com/index.html
  13. Be safe and leave it.
  14. I have heard crazy things about that place. I wanna go and just sit at the bottom of a hill and watch people roll down. Next year its definatly becoming a trip.
  15. Thanks Kx250FRiDeR651! I looked into it and i think im gonna go ahead and order one!!