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    How to fit a trip computer?

    I ordered the TTR 230 specific Endurance model yesterday and it should be here today, tomorrow or next week some time (yep... I stay in Africa and urgent seems to be an optional extra at times in this part of the world)! After checking things out a bit more, I reckon that I should get the right kit for the job. I saw the plastic handle bar clamp thingie on the Vapor model (it seems to be the same for the Endurance model) and it looks a bit flimsy. I installed some handle bar raisers the other day on her TTR and with that and the round spongy handle bar protector (for when you head-butt the handle bar in a spill) all clamped and wrapped around the handle bar there is not much space left to add this plastic clamp (by the way... she insists on having the round spongy handle bar protector. Something to do with when she was young, she saw it on a off-road bike and since then every off-road bike has to have that according to her... woman!!). I work for an engineering company and may be able to have a mounting bracket machined and bent up. The "on" switch for the bike is mounted in the same area, but a bit lower down. I am worried that the trip computer is going to obscure this switch (and the LED light that tells you the bike is switched on). Thanks for all the advise... arnoc
  2. arnoc

    How to fit a trip computer?

    My wife rides a TTR 230 and is very jealous of the trip computer that I have standard on my '06 WR450F. She always leans over when we stop for a rest to ask what speed we were doing and how far we have traveled, etc. Her birthday is coming up and I thought it would be nice to buy her a trip computer. Locally I can get hold of a make called Trailtech. They come in two models: Endurance and Vapor. The Endurance being the cheaper with basic speed, distance, time, etc. and the Vapor is the more expensive version that also includes RPM, temp, etc. over and above what the Endurance offers. Does anybody have experience regarding the use and installation of these units? My wife's TTR has a little headlight unit and I am not sure where or how to fit the unit. By the sounds of things the Endurance can be supplied specifically for the TTR 230, but is it so very model specific? Can I fit another unit on the TTR, as I can get hold of a Vapor unit (still in its box, but the box has been bashed around a bit... the unit looks OK though) for the same price as an Endurance model. The wording on the box states that this unit is for a WR & YZ range of bikes. The dealer has no experience with these items and the Vapor unit that he has in store, as far as he can remember, was there when he took over the business over a year ago. I can only get the other units vie mail-order, so there is no real dealer interaction. Can someone help ASAP, as I have only a week left until her birthday... Thanks arnoc
  3. arnoc

    86 DR600 Dakar

    I have a 1987 DR600. It is standing in the garage gathering dust at the moment due to broken clutch cable and leaky front brake hydraulic reservoir... one day soon I will get around to giving it the TLC that it deserves. My DRZ 400 and BMW 1150 GS Adventure is getting all my attention at the moment, but at one stage the DR 600 was my sole means of transport. It’s an awesome bike with loads of grunt. The kick starting went well if you follow the procedures exactly. • With mine you have to slowly push the kickstarter to the lowest position. If it stopped against compression before it reached the bottom position, then bring your foot up a bit and then push the kickstarter again slowly down, until it is right at the bottom. • Now the de-compression lever is pushed in and it then stays in this pushed in position by itself. • Now you lift your foot all the way up and with your eyes on the de-compression lever, very gently push the kickstart down again until the de-compression lever clicks out. It is critical to stop pushing the kickstarter at almost precisely the same time as when the de-compression lever clicks out, otherwise it is best to re-start from step one. • Now lift your foot again to as high as possible and gather your strength. • Now give the kickstarter a heavy shove with your foot with as much force as you can muster and hay presto it starts first or at worst second time. Remember to follow through to the bottom with your kick. Deviate a slight bit from this and you will be kicking for a while and yes she will kick back at you with a lot more force then you can ever imagine. Also don’t open the throttle while you kickstart… this is a sure way to flood it quick-quick. Rather hold the handle bar next to the throttle as this will ensure that you don’t sub-consciously give it a twist as you do your power kick. The motor is bullet proof, but the electrics have let me down a few times. The CDI and voltage regulator are costly to replace, but the biggest headache with the electrics is that it seams blow bulbs all the time. When I was riding it on a daily basis I was replacing a bulb somewhere on the bike every second week. When the CDI gave me trouble a few years ago, the engine was retarding and advancing at the wrong time, thus make kickstarting a Russian roulette and caused the bike to backfire if run downhill against the engine compression so much so that the numberplate fell off because the plastic cleats holding it on melted off. The Germans love this bike to bits and every one of my German colleagues that has visited me here in South Africa couldn’t stop talking about it when they heard I had a DR 600. There is even a German website dedicated to this bike (www.dr600.de).
  4. I am not sure about power, but I know that Suzuki made a DR 800. That is the biggest single cylinder that I know off and haveing got a DR 600 and a DRZ 400, the DR 800 should pack a nice punch ... I just wonder how that thing must vibrate at high rev's.