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    2009 250 sxf

    Ok guy, I just bought an '09 250sxf with a build date of July 6, 2008. The strange thing is that all the graphics are the ones on a XC-F and not the SF-X and I dont have orange tripleclamps. Does anyone know anything about this? Everything on the bike says SX-F including frame and title. Could this be just an early model? Im a little confused.
  2. Thanks for the input! I actually just chose the KTM. I sat on the Kawasaki and it felt good, but I just thought the quality of the finish was not on the level as KTM. Not that appearance should amount for too much, but it just didnt do it for me. I havent ridden the KTM, but I figure for being off a bike this long, I would have to re-adapt to any bike. So might as well try something new like a KTM. Have you had any issues with your bike?
  3. Hey everybody, I need to choose between the KTM sx250f and the Kawasaki kx250. I'm going crazy trying to decide. I had a Honda CRF 450 that I sold last year after a crash and I havent ridden in 15 months becuase of my injuries. I just got the green light from my doctor today so I'm ready for a new bike and I have decided to go to a 250 for a while since my conditioning and stregnth isnt all there yet. I am 6'3", 175lbs. Does anyone have any suggestions between these 2 bikes? Your help is greatly appreciated! OH yeah, pure track riding, no trails, etc...