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  1. redrider247

    How much $$$$

    ive gone from a 450r to a 250x and i can tell you one thing that the hit in the 450r is more beastly and furious then the 250x. good luck with ur choice
  2. redrider247

    bills pipe?

    hi im soon getting my bills pipe thunder series for my 05' 250x and im looking forward to a good ride with it. i talked to some people who said it needed re-jetting but i have never done a re-jet before. how do you do it and what kind of kit should i get for the jetting?
  3. redrider247

    Pipe Problem

    yes i know theres plenty of forums about this one but i still havent decides what pipe to get....argggggggg! i need a slip on pipe without rejetting (becuase i would be switching between the stock pipe) ...IM not made of money....dont kno what to do....sum one fix my pipe problem
  4. redrider247

    Harescrambles in michigan or ohio?

    south of detroit
  5. Hi im in the mid michigan area and hahve been riding our trails for about 5 years and am looking to try some racing this summer. IM 16 and have a crf250x. Does anyone know of any HS's in the michigan-ohio area. Thanks
  6. any thoughts on the CRF250X'04-06 - Baja Designs Exhaust Baffle or has ne one had and what does it do; increase horse power?
  7. redrider247

    a slip on 250x

    i have a 2005 crf 250x and im looking for a slip on pipe at a good price. Im not looking for a ton of power increse (although it would be nice) but i just want to get that air less restricted without tampering with the stock. Im hoping not to re-jet for this slip on becuase i would be swtiching back and forth between the two pipes. ANY COMMETS?? thanks a ton
  8. redrider247

    250x vs 250r

  9. I currently own a '00 400SX, and all I ride is trails! It is really nice because it is light and the powerband is great for trail riding. Whenever I ride with people they are shifting left and right, but since this bike only has 4 gears, it involves way less shifting, but still a ride you can control very easily. The suspension is a little stiff, but that can be adjusted to your liking. Many people might disagree with me that this is a trail bike, (even though it technically is a MX bike) but the owner before me rode only trails and I ride only trails and LOVE it. Absolutely a great trail bike. Good luck
  10. redrider247


    does ne one else think the crf250x is still great without all the mods??
  11. redrider247

    Valve theory...

    " Take care of your bike it will take care of you." -right on
  12. redrider247

    balance point

    im learning wheelies now ON MY CRF250X and am getting alright in 1,2,3 gear...still have not learned to shift yet or really find the balance point...im just kinda riding the gear out for a lil bit. how can i find the balance point and how do i shift when im riding a wheelie...ANY TIPS??
  13. redrider247

    250x suspension

    yeah its all stock right now except for the bark busters i put on
  14. redrider247

    250x suspension

    at the track recently i noticed the suspension was a little soft for the track is there a way without buying a new suspension system to tighten it up?
  15. redrider247

    crf250x rad guards and skid plate?

    what would be a good skid plate and rad guards for my new 05 crf 250x. should i go with aluminum or carbon fiber? also about prices..were not made of money so whats my best bang for the buck? any tips would be great