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  1. yamagucci

    84 Kx 80

    i ordered a new gasket set for the bike (complete) ..... no waterpump gasket and no case gasket .... i did notice coolant contamination in my bottom end oil ... anybody have a secret source for 84 kx 80 waterpump gaskets?
  2. yamagucci

    84 Kx 80

    i bought an 84 kx 80 for my girlfriend , it has 95 pounds compression ( in this normal?) the bike takes off like a rocket when it hits the powerband and blasts through every gear, but first gear has absolutely power at all .......... anyone here have the same problem and how do i give this thing more bottom end (its embarassing it takes off so slow)
  3. yamagucci

    Are 250 2t really this finicky?

    hold on a second. ... isnt 50:1 lean and 32:1 rich????
  4. yamagucci

    2000 kx 250

    i have a 99 kx 250 and there is no ****ing way that bike does 160kms .... unless its got a jet engine on the back of course...........
  5. yamagucci

    '06 KX250 cyliner head

    my buddys got an 05 kx 250f ,,,, bought it new in august and had to rebuild the whole top end in september................. too bad we all buy bikes with no warranties..............
  6. yamagucci

    kx85 Newbie question

    you need to get your hands on an impact gun , i got a dewalt 18 v cordless impact and i use it for everything , thats the only way i could ever get that nut , or the flywheel nut off.............
  7. yamagucci

    anyone from orillia/coldwater/wabaushene area?

    its 40 minutes north of barrie 1 705 715 1807 for directions
  8. yamagucci

    KX125 rebuild???

    my buddy had that problem with his 250 ... we did everything but change the plug and it still ran like crap .... we finally changed the plug and it was like a new bike //// the top end cannot be bored out without being re-nikasiled , check with a local shop for prices ////////// who not invest 20$ in a compression tester ?
  9. my buddy bought a 94 kx 250 last saturday and rode it all day. being a beginner he doesnt ride the bike very hard at all . on sunday he was riding the bike back to his house and about 1 km away he burns the piston , walls , and toasts the lower connecting rod bearing i have the motor out and in peices in my garage and i notice there is a large crack in the casing that seems to have been tig welded together right beside the first gear shaft bearing ////////// shame on you whoever it was who sold this bike to my poor poor friend ....
  10. anyone local looking to ride at our spot check this page out http://spaces.msn.com/scetto/
  11. yamagucci

    High Compression?

    my buddies 93 has 170 bang on my 99 has 200 cold both kx's
  12. yamagucci

    Triple Valley Track

    http://spaces.msn.com/scetto check out this site for pictures of a new track located just outside coldwater, 30 minutes north of barrie call Trevor Hoyle for details and directions cell 1 705 715 1807 home 1 705 538 2205
  13. hey, my buddy just picked up a 93 kx 250, 175 pounds compression, ( normal ? my 99 kx 250 has 201 pounds) it starts and revs up fine but it hesitates going through the powerband when you ride it.... i cleaned carbs and the air filter and it was a little snappier of the start but had the same bog coming from four strokes i dont know much at all about two strokes ,,, does anyone have experience with this , could it be the powervalve or the reeds ? does anyone know where the powervalve is and how to clean it , or any other diagnoses from my fellow doctors out there? Eric
  14. yamagucci

    03 250f woes ............... help

    you wont believe this .... i went to check my spark plug (which was a total pain in the ass to get at), and the plug was loose!!. i bought the bike in june and i have never had the plug out and theres no possible way anyone has tampered with the bike .... I tightened the plug and got a little more compression in the kick but the bastard still will not start , tomorrow im taking it to a shop , thanks
  15. hey , i have an 03 yzf250, a month ago i wanted to go for a little boot and my bike wouldnt start , after 10 + minutes of failed bumpstart attempts i finally got it running and proceeded to go for a five minute boot. 2 weeks ago my buddy got on the bike and kicked it once and it fired up , five minutes after that i went to go for another little rip and once again i had to spend 10 minutes bump starting it...... finally got it going and dropped it in a 5th gear wheelie .... now i cannot start the bike at all . barely any compression , fresh oil/filter , and air filter change i dont think it could be piston/ring related because when i did finally get it running both times it ran like a champ .... please help? thanks , eric