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  1. simbaldus

    DRZ400S battery info needed..please

    You should have a Yuasa YT7B-BS Battery!! Not sure what the one you have is??
  2. simbaldus

    Corpus Christi Police equipped with the DR-Z

    In England there's load of Police DRZ's
  3. simbaldus

    No battery?

    The battery on mine is probably shorted inside, seen as ive had to re-wire the entire bike due to a short and wires melting!!!!
  4. simbaldus

    No battery?

    Not sure about the kicker, but mine definatly wont run without a battery
  5. simbaldus

    No battery?

    Ive have a E and my battery is completly dead and buried, i can jump start the bike but as soon as i take the leads off the bike just dies!!!
  6. simbaldus

    YTZ10S Battery

    Cheers everyone, i'll stick with the Yuasa then seen as it might be a pain to fit!!!
  7. simbaldus

    YTZ10S Battery

    Does anybody know if this battery will be better??? Is there any point getting it or should i buy the OEM 1??
  8. simbaldus

    Decal replacement!

    Just peel em off, if there not coming off easily then use a hairdryer to warm them up a bit, then you will need to use a glue remover to get rid of any excess glue or dirt will stick to it and it will look a right dog!!! I know coz when i 1st got mine the colour was dirt not yellow!!!
  9. simbaldus

    YTZ10S Battery

    Its only slightly bigger 7/8th of an inch so should be any problems getting it in
  10. simbaldus

    YTZ10S Battery

    Has anybody tried this?? I need a new battery and just wondered if anybody had done this or know if it will be ok to use?? It sounds good with more cold cranking amps http://www.off-road.com/atv/tech/yfz450_fixes/battery.html
  11. simbaldus

    CRD ehxaust and UFO tail?

    I have the full CRD Performance exhaust, it came with the bike originally i was going to replace it with a stock 1 (as i dont like loud bikes) but im very happy with it and wouldnt dream of swapping it now, it sounds awesome!!!
  12. simbaldus

    Starter Relay

    It had a fuse in, not exactly sure what went on, ive now got a charger so im going to try and charge it tonight, i'll do the checks you've suggested once ive got a good battery again. All this and i still cant ride it yet, all i want to do is get back on it!!!
  13. simbaldus

    Starter Relay

    Thanks for the advice, this weekend i set about fixing my problem, i came to the bike and the battery was dead, the last time i had the bike out it had problems starting, it was taking ages to start etc, at a closer inspection all the wires had melted and fused together shorting everything out!! NIGHTMARE!!! So this weekend all ive done is re-wire the entire bike, everything is sorted now apart from a dead battery, which i think is completly knackered. But i now have my starter button back on the handle bars where it should be!!! : So the bike has had a full re-wire, new air filter, oil change and oil filter, new spark plug and new graphics. So hopefully with a new battery all my problems will be over!!! All this because the pillock who had it before my liked to bodge stuff