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  1. Mine
  2. You should have a Yuasa YT7B-BS Battery!! Not sure what the one you have is??
  3. In England there's load of Police DRZ's
  4. The battery on mine is probably shorted inside, seen as ive had to re-wire the entire bike due to a short and wires melting!!!!
  5. Not sure about the kicker, but mine definatly wont run without a battery
  6. Ive have a E and my battery is completly dead and buried, i can jump start the bike but as soon as i take the leads off the bike just dies!!!
  7. Cheers everyone, i'll stick with the Yuasa then seen as it might be a pain to fit!!!
  8. Does anybody know if this battery will be better??? Is there any point getting it or should i buy the OEM 1??
  9. Just peel em off, if there not coming off easily then use a hairdryer to warm them up a bit, then you will need to use a glue remover to get rid of any excess glue or dirt will stick to it and it will look a right dog!!! I know coz when i 1st got mine the colour was dirt not yellow!!!
  10. Its only slightly bigger 7/8th of an inch so should be any problems getting it in
  11. Has anybody tried this?? I need a new battery and just wondered if anybody had done this or know if it will be ok to use?? It sounds good with more cold cranking amps
  12. I have the full CRD Performance exhaust, it came with the bike originally i was going to replace it with a stock 1 (as i dont like loud bikes) but im very happy with it and wouldnt dream of swapping it now, it sounds awesome!!!
  13. It had a fuse in, not exactly sure what went on, ive now got a charger so im going to try and charge it tonight, i'll do the checks you've suggested once ive got a good battery again. All this and i still cant ride it yet, all i want to do is get back on it!!!
  14. Thanks for the advice, this weekend i set about fixing my problem, i came to the bike and the battery was dead, the last time i had the bike out it had problems starting, it was taking ages to start etc, at a closer inspection all the wires had melted and fused together shorting everything out!! NIGHTMARE!!! So this weekend all ive done is re-wire the entire bike, everything is sorted now apart from a dead battery, which i think is completly knackered. But i now have my starter button back on the handle bars where it should be!!! : So the bike has had a full re-wire, new air filter, oil change and oil filter, new spark plug and new graphics. So hopefully with a new battery all my problems will be over!!! All this because the pillock who had it before my liked to bodge stuff