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  1. Amanda_The_Great

    Why does my wige get psychotic?

    Ok, this sounds kind of like when my best friend, LJ, and I went boxing together. She had been boxing for 2 years and it was my first time boxing. She offered way too much help for my liking, she stopped me after every single punch and yeah I got angry even though I know she was only trying to help me. I wasn't angry at her, I was angry at myself for not getting it right and the constant help kept reminding me of exactly how wrong I was getting it. Your wife may just need some time to practice on her own and find her feet again. I know if someone gave me a punching bag instead of a partner I would have been a lot happier at first and then would have the confidence to work with LJ later on. BTW: I apologised to LJ for getting angry and I haven't been boxing since. I also coach squash so I have been on the recieving end as well, it's not nice but it happens.
  2. Amanda_The_Great


    Are the girls fox tracker boots any good? Because they are the only girls boots I can find in Australia. Not that I would buy them from Aus anyway cause it's heaps expensive and cheaper to have them shipped over from the USA. Thing is I can only try on boots that are available in Aus...
  3. Amanda_The_Great

    Its definately summer!!!

    Hehe, not hot here... it's winter and quite pleasant because it doesn't exactly get cold in Perth, Western Australia. Well, not compared to America anyway.