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  1. motovator

    What brand and weight of oil do you use?

    Castrol superbike 5w-40.
  2. motovator

    New seat foam, where can I find it?

    thanks dude
  3. motovator

    New seat foam, where can I find it?

    I tried making a stepper seat for my bike and screwed it up. Need new seat foam. I can't seem to find anyone who has any. Any ideas?
  4. motovator

    So I've took a few spills-- Tips on Re-alighnment??

    RG3 Just finished making their awesome triple clamp for the KX 450F. I put one on 2 days ago. I'm psyched! I've bent the bar risers on this bike almost every time out. Hoping for an end to that now!
  5. motovator

    New info, check it out

    I checked mine. 1/4 plugged. Good to clean it out and not really too hard. Great directions!
  6. motovator

    Looks like they're hard starters?

    I have a stock KX 450F, one size richer on the main for cold weather, .5 turns richer on the idle jet for cold weather, just like the manual says. Unfortunately, I got lapped in my second moto last week because I couldn't start the thing after I slid out in a corner. I have laid this thing down twice and each time it was tough to start, so Stewart and Burner aren't the only ones with this trouble. Anybody found a technique that works for hot bikes laid over in corners? I heard one guy say to put your throttle hand on the master cyclinder to keep you from twisting the throttle until it starts. If I could remember to do that in a race, that might help
  7. motovator

    05 yz 250f wont atart

    I have the same bike with an RPM 276cc big bore kit in it. I'm @1000ft above sea level, temps generating problems are around 60-65 degrees F. Bike runs well once it starts, but then your too worn out to ride it@! I have the JD jetting kit. I've tried the blue needle at clip 5 (too rich) with a 185 main and a 182 main, tried the red needle at clip 5 (too lean, but starts great! no choke, just kick 1-3 times; thing pops like crazy when you let off though and it runs HOT!), tried stock needle at clip 4 with 185 main, too lean and bike won't start, going to try stock needle at clip 5 with 185 main. Any warmer, and the 182 main will be just fine, but it's jetting for the cold weather were having now (20-50F). JD jetting needle tends to be too rich down low for a big bore. I liked it before the big bore, but after, it just doesn't seem to work. I let you know what I find. In general, for a big bore, you need to lean out the jetting. It's counter-intuitive, but the Vernouli effect causes more gas to get sucked in the same size venturi, even more than is needed for the increase in volumn of the cylinder.
  8. I have a bunch of jets from my YZ250F that have the same number as those needed on the KX450F from 170 to 185 and was wondering if anyone knows if these jets are interchangable?
  9. motovator

    Jetting changes

    The owners manual has a great correction factor graph and explanation starting on page 147.
  10. motovator

    Jetting Question

    The owners manual has a great correction factor graph and explanation starting on page 147.
  11. With this bike being so new, it's hard to find stuff like skid plates, and case guards. I did find a few parts on the WorksConnection web site. Here's the link: http://worksconnection.com/store/index.html?model_id=137&orig_man_id=4
  12. motovator

    Got some graphics on the bike!!!

    Awesome graphics. Where did you get them? Did it come in a kit, or did you have to order them separately? Also, the tank graphics are the best!
  13. you said it man, that's the only way I can keep riding. I love the sport, but keeping GOD first keeps it all in the right balance. Too easy to get obsessed with winning...
  14. Say, what's an A/F meter? Does that help you tell if your rich or lean? Also, how does one check the idle RPM on the 250F? I'm having some issues starting my bike when it's been dropped. I DNF'd the last race cause I couldn't start it. Talked to Rick Peterson about it 'cause I have his 276 big bore kit installed and he said to turn in the idle RPM screw 1/2 turn to raise the slide because the big bore kit makes the bike too rich to start sometimes. I wanted to know what my idle RPM was to see if I was even in the right ballpark, but couldn't find anything to work yet. I looked at buying a digital tachometer, a light based tachometer, digital multi-meter with iductive based rpm support, etc. What do people do to find the RPM of these machines?